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Random Music Thoughts V

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:laughing: no problem... They're not very big. Yet. Hopefully they will be. They're friends of Andy's so I might be going to see their show this next week. They're playing on the bill with Panic At The Disco, Plain White Ts, and Dashboard Confessional. We'll see....

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Why oh why did a mod have to delete the latest spam from 'DAMAGE'???!!!

I had just written an awesome reply... awesome to the max!

and I quote myself


I listened to Damage

they were sick!


I mean, I've listened to a lot of hard rock, you know, the bros are always recommending those 'usual' 'hard rock' bands like Alice in Chains

but bro!

These guys, were like totally different bro!

It was like someone hopped in a time machine (with no regard to progressing a sound at all... ballsy bro!) traveled 15 years ago, and made AiC and Stone Temple Pilots engage in intercourse, to make a baby bro!

And let me tell ya bro, it was like AiC and STP turned out to be cousins, and that offspring had all sorts of RADICAL deformities! And that bro-baby (br-aby?) had a serious predilection for blatantly plagiarizing it's parents!

Totally awesome Bro!"

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