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So some discussion of Country Music has taken place recently. I happen to love a lot of Country Music, but not all. As with Rock, Country branches out into many different directions.

There's Traditional Country, maybe the stuff you think of that has that (to many people) distasteful twang. Classic Country might be considered the stuff that Nashville turned out in the 60's and 70's. The Nashville Sound. There's Bluegrass, Roots Music, and the thing that many of us love, Country Rock. Even the Grateful Dead employed a Country sound often, along with some great fingerpickin'.

I happen to like the traditional stuff, Hank Williams, Patsy Cline, George Jones, Johnny Cash, and so many others. I don't care for the "pop" country sound that so many of the newer artists use. But there are many new artists that cling to the old style, and are producing great music today.

So who likes Country, in any form? What do you like? What don't you like? I'm interested to hear from everyone! ;)

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I like country music of every kind. But, it's another one of those genres I have to be in the mood for. My DH listens to it all the time. He is the opposite of me. It is his music of choice as where I prefer classic rock.

He also likes classic rock but has to be in the mood for it. He likes hard rock like ACDC where I prefer Pink Floyd. When we drive our 68 firebird we almost always have ACDC playing. It just seems to blend so well with the car :grin:

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wow, what a terrible spelling! :doh: I must have been stoned or something... :laughing: :laughing:

We love you no matter how you spell!

I like old Hank Williams. My mom played his music alot. And Tim is right about Alan Jackson~I saw him three times in college {once when a brand new Faith Hill was his opening act} and his shows were always amazing.

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Vince Gill is my all time favorite. His voice and how gorgeous he is and his personality, he is just a good 'ole boy as he said when I saw him in concert. Also like listening to...Trisha Yearwood, Kelly Willis, Shelby Lynne, Gary Morris, Sugarland, Rascal Flatts, Restless Heart those are the ones I listen to often, haven't really checked out many of the new acts.

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Vince Gill has an amazing talent. I originally thought about this thread after watching the CMA awards, during which the announcement was made that he was one of the inductees into the Country Music Hall of Fame. The man is one year older than I am, he still has what could be some his most productive years ahead of him, and he's already in the Hall of Fame. His is an amazing talent. I think you could say that he is probably the biggest talent in Country Music today.

But then, you'd have to bring up George Strait. Also in the Hall of Fame. I adore Strait. I just checked wiki... his overall certifications numbers ( From singles, gold albums, platinum & multiplatinum), place him third of all musicians, behind only Elvis and the Beatles.

Bands like Rascal Flatts (who are huge in Country Music) and many others, are what I don't like about todays Country. They just have a sound that is too pop. To me Rascal Flatts is the boy band of Country. That's just my opinion however. They have millions of fans, and the #1 hits to prove it.

I like Johnny Cash, Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton, and Loretta Lynn, as well as Gram Parsons, who really brought crossover from country to rock, and of course Ryan Adams, who keeps Gram's tradition alive.

:bow: :bow: :bow:

Love them all (specially Emmylou & Gram!). Shannon, I really don't know Ryan Adams music at all, except the few songs I've listened to that you've posted. Maybe I should listen more?


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almost forgot.....
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Patsy Cline is a goddess. To quote the savant genius that is Forrest Gump, "That's all I have to say about that."

I Fall to Pieces

The bearded king of my heart is and shall always be Kenny Rogers.


[smallest]Okay, so this song isn't necessarily "country", but it's my favorite of his.[/smallest]

Randy Travis can be a bit hokey, but this is one of my all-time favorite songs.

Forever and Ever, Amen

Reba McEntyre is the country Madonna when it comes to staying current and being a consistent marketer of herself as a product. That's a compliment, btw.

Why Haven't I Heard From You

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are THE country couple to me. I'm more fond of her than him, but together, they are a force to be reckoned with.

It's Your Love

[smallest]Faith is pregnant with their first child in this video and you can just feel the love between them.[/smallest]

The cat from Rascal Flatts sounds like he's passing a massive kidney stone, but this is the perfect modern country song.

What Hurts the Most

[smallest]They also get the Peaches Award for the most heart wrenching video. [/smallest]

Little Big Town is great. They are totally singing this song about the area I live in.


Brad Paisley is talented and cute and all that, but most importantly (to me), he is hilarious. He has learned to work the medium of video to his advantage.


[smallest]This goes out to all you dorks on Songfacts.[/smallest]

I've saved Sugarland for last because they are my hands down favorite in country. I won't gush about them, but here is a thread I started about them before they got all ultra famous. This song is so powerful that it moves me (and Jennifer, apparently) to tears every time I hear it.


[smallest]To tell such an intricate and emotional story in 4 and a half minutes is an absolute miracle.[/smallest]

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Hokey Smokes! I forgot Bearded Wonder! What the f-is wrong with me!

I have seen Vince Gill and his lovely wife Amy Grant in person a few feet from my eyes.

And Lucky-listen to Ryan and his old band Whiskeytown. I think you would dig them.

I'm pleased to see another Gram fan. No one here ever mentions him.

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I like the traditional artists like The Carter Family, Bill Monroe, Hank Williams, Ralph Stanley, George Jones, Waylon & Willie, Loretta Lynn, Flatt & Scruggs. I also like Vince Gill and of course Johnny Cash. There are a lot more I have not mentioned.

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Das, I've got to agree with all the artists you've mentioned. Most of the Country music I love is pre-70's, or post 90's. There are an awful lot of new and young artists putting out some really great Country Music. The King of it all will always be the Great Hank Williams though. There is no music more simple and pure, yet so full of the deepest emotions of the human life, than Hanks' ....

From the film "Honky Tonk Blues"

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I could write a whole page about country artists I like and who I listen too but instead I am taking a different route. Lucky mentioned the CMA's last week and as somebody who has seen just about every single one I have to say it was the worst CMA I have ever seen. There wasn't a "host",half of the presenters were TV "stars",who happened to be on ABC shows because of course ABC was the network broadcasting the show. It was a slicked up country version of the MTV or VH1 awards in a big sports complex. Some of the performances were terrible including two by the poster children of what was wrong with the show and to a degree,what's wrong with some of country music today,Rascal Flats.(Their "duet" with Jamie Fox may have been the all-time worst performance in CMA history.) Heck,even The Eagles had the look of "what are we doing here" on their faces and why wasn't Don Henley on drums??. But the worst of it all was not letting the Hall of Fame inductee's speak on stage. That was an outrage since it used to be a huge part of the show. It's obvious that whoever is running things at the CMA is after TV ratings and not making the show about country music and its performers past and present. It's time to take the show back to were it belongs and that is at the Grand Ole Opry,were it's all about the music and not promoting some TV show for some network.

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Nice compilation there, Peachy. Though, I'd never expect less from you.

I'm pretty much a fan of classic country up to the Urban Cowboy days (nice soundtrack BTW). Although I'm quite fond of Dwight Yoakam and Randy Travis.

This is what I think to be one of the most beautiful sounding country songs . . .

Sounds like Patsy Cline's brother . . .

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My Dad was and is a huge country music fan. Growing up,I remember listening to the "country crooners" that my Dad loved. Artists like Jim Reeves,Ray Price,Marty Robbins and Farin Young.When I got into my teen years,I was listening to mainly rock music but a friend of mine told me about an album called "Wanted! The Outlaws" so I gave it a listen. It was an album of those who were bucking the whole Nashville sound and politics. The artists on this album included Waylon Jennings,Willie Nelson,Jessie Colter and Tompall Glaser. That album turned me on to country music again.

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Like many others here, I like some country music, but I have to be in the mood for it, with one exception. And the exception is, Mary Chapin Carpenter. I adore her work. She is a brilliant lyricist and I love her husky alto.

Other country artists I like are Patsy Cline (a magnificent voice), The Kentucky Headhunters, Sweethearts Of The Rodeo (featuring the ex Mrs. Vince Gill), Trisha Yearwood (another magnificent voice), The Desert Rose Band and Emmylou Harris.

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I grew up with Country Music in the house, my Dad loved it. We listened to what I consider to be some of the best examples of Country, which leads me to believe that Dad had pretty good music instincts. I remember particularly these were some of his favorites, and now they are mine as well....

Jackson ~ Johnny & June

Hit The Road Jack ~ Ray Charles

The Race Is On ~ George Jones (Shannon check out Porter Waggoner in the opening. That's where Gram gets his fashion inspiration!)

That's about as classic as it gets, but in their own way each song rocks! I also remember a lot of Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, Buck Owens and Roger Miler. It appears that Dad had pretty darn good taste! ;)

I've got to post this one, just because. A great song, and a great talent just get better with time.

The Race Is On

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All great songs Lucky and I grew up listening to them all and still do. Also,the duets with Tammy Wynette and George Jones are classics. I have seen George Jones in concert at least 5 times and you just can't get more country than the ole' possum. "He Stopped Loving Her Today",in my opinion,is the greatest country song ever.

As far as new country there is a song by Jake Owens called "Startin' With Me" that I truley love.

And I also enjoy Josh Turner and he has a new song called "Firecracker" that is really good also.

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