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I just went to a haunted house tonight. I wasn't scared of the bad acting or cheap props, I got a headache from the stupid screaming kids and I almost punched one of the zombie actors for being overly annoying. It cost $35 just to go through and the wait was over an hour in line. :doh:

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I just read an article in the paper as to how those are popping up all over the States and are becoming very popular and running from mid-Sept. to Halloween . We went to one in Salem ,Mass. back in 2000 , and while one appreciated the effort it took to put one on , as well as expenses , I think it only cost $10.00- for 2 - to go in at that time . It was ~15 min. of fun and a few minutes of weird effects and the rare scare , but whoever was putting that on now where you are , MC , was really hosing people - that's nearing the cost of a day pass at Disneyland ! Not many people were there and I tipped the dude at the end for the fun as we were nearly the only people there . :jack: They called it 'Dracula's Castle ' ... :laughing: :P , which is pretty lame ...


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so deep down you really enjoyed the screaming kids and annoying actor so much you decided to make it a triple. :laughing:

no-no I went back to see if there was anything I didn't hear because of the kids. They also ran into us a few times and almost made me trip from running away.

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Check out this atraction located in South-East PA.


We take the long ride to get there each year because it is so good.

They have a Haunted Hayride and 2 in-house walk-throughs.

There's a link on their main page to check out photos and videos.

The place is really cool and very popular in PA.

There should be more atractions that are this good.

I've been to a few that were ok but not outstanding, until I found this one.

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Well do it again, I want to see Joe! Does he spit? I was spit on once at a petting zoo ... but hey, that's what llamas do, I still think it'd be cool to have one. ;)

I work with a girl that has a sugar glider, and it's very tame, it doesn't crap around the house, and she carries it around in her pocket. It's neat, watching it fly & zip around the house. My luck I'd end up with a flying rat (and flying rat poop.)

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