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I just heard this morning about the awful flooding they have had in the Southestern US. Georgia, where our Peaches is from, has been severely affected with many people driven out of their homes by flood waters. There have also been some deaths.

I haven't been on Facebook to see if Peachy has updated anything, but I am worried. Anybody who can check FB before I can tonight, please let all of us know if she's OK.

I send out all my best wishes to her and her family.

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Thanks everyone. I actually was in the smack dab middle of all that &*^%-ing bad weather. We flew to CT this past weekend to see family. We had a connecting flight on the way back from Philly to Atlanta. It was delayed an hour and a half because of the weather. Then when we finally took off, we were held in 3 different holding patterns. Then we had to reroute to Charlotte, NC to refuel. Then we were held there for another hour. By the time we finally landed in Atlanta, we had been on the plane for 7 hours on a flight that should have taken 2 hours.

Then driving home from Atlanta to our south Georgia town took a good 6 hours, that normally takes about 2 1/2 because of all the thunder and lightning storms.

I swear I'll never travel again. Mother Nature can kiss my fat rump.

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