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Cool links and sites II

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We must be pretty unaccomplished if the only thing they can find to say we're #1 at is having the most serial killers :laughing:

I can also think of a lot of other things Mexico is #1 at besides televisions and fat women :smirk:

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For Pacman's 30th anniversary, Google is allowing people to play PacMan on their logo.

I got up to Level 10 before I finally died. Even though I wasn't born when the game was released, I spent hours at the arcade in the mall near my house growing up, playing Pac-Man. I never liked Ms. Pac-Man, though.

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This site is an awesome time waster. It can link any musical artist/band to another musical artist/band in just a few steps. Some of the weirder ones I've tried: Enya and Run-DMC, The Carpenters and NWA, Antonio Vivaldi and Pantera. And I've never stumped it, so far.

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