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I have 8 English bands and 7 Australian bands - whichever country I choose to host it, the airfares will cost a fair bit. :P

I see Martin has added more popular artists to his lineup - looks like Radhi and I will contest for last place (though I'll probably have to settle for second last). :P

Yes, this discussion will go on far too long to occupy this thread. Someone make a new thread - I sleep now. :sleepy:

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They have a program that allows you to simulate a game between any two teams of any era - be it baseball, hockey, basketball, football or college sports. I had the '27 Yankees playing the '65 Dodgers AT Chavez-Ravine, and Babe Ruth hit 3 homers off Sandy Koufax. How about that.

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there's a bunch of those I didn't know. :crazy:

I disagree with the synopsis for #14. Picking some guy up along the road and taking him to a hotel room to &^%$ his brains out all night is not "making love." :laughing: :laughing:

It's funny how drab all these songs sound when they're put into short sentences like this and read (in my head) with a Pat Paulsen monotone. :grin:

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