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Cool links and sites II

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Ever wanted to know what the '27 Yankees would do against the '65 Dodgers? How about last year's Patriots team versus the '71 Miami Dolphins?

Well, this site will let you do that. Baseball, basketball, hockey and football. You set the home team and the away team and in the case of baseball, who your starting pitcher is. I can literally spend hours on this site.

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30 Music, Movie and Book Search Engines

I think we'll all agree that the 9th one down under music searches is pretty rad ;)

w00t :coolio:

Internet Guidebook for An Audiophile

"In fourty pages, Will Mueller from tells you all you need to know about free internet listening to music, streaming audio to your computer, and free download music sites to get all your favorite songs and albums in a whim. Learn how to share music with others and track a band’s performance and album releases!"

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You Are Jaws

You're scared of what you can't see right in front of you. Your imagination tends to get the better of you.

And for you, something like the deep, dark ocean is obviously pretty terrifying. Who knows what's lurking right next to you?

The idea of trying to get away from something that's after you really gets your heart pumping. Being chased horrifies you.

You're also quite scared of big, hungry animals with no sense of right or wrong. You know a shark will stop at nothing to make you its lunch.

I think this stems from the question: what are you most afraid of? to which I answered "the middle of the ocean." :couch:

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Fantasy Festival

A fantasy league game similar to the American Football and Baseball leagues, only for music

"Sony's Fantasy Festival is a free, points based league game. The aim - to assemble the ultimate, imaginary festival line-up and gain as many points as possible through your acts' popularity in the real world (calculated by activity online).

You can create custom leagues, invite your friends and battle it out for festival supremacy."

(you need a last.fm account to play)

anyone interested? :)

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alright, I created a league called "Songfacts"

after you've created your festival you can simply join it to the league, somehow it seems I can't invite you after you already started playing

if you have any questions feel free to post them, but I'm still at figuring everything out myself :)

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