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Have you seen me? II


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Hey all... that's the last time I play truth or dare with my dad and take the dare of drinking 4 kegs of beer within 5 minutes. :doh:

I finally awoke about a week later and the cops were really nice to me, and explained that I had been running nude in the streets screaming something about Christmas being the devil's day off. What really got me into trouble though was when they were trying to arrest me and I began to make love to their legs as a dog would. When they threatened to tazer me I apparently asked if I could choose the spot. :tongue:

Glad to be back! :grin:


And after all that, you still managed to get a new computer. :D

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:laughing: you guys are way too much fun to stay away for too long. No prison can hold me when it comes to my fellow SFers! :rockon:

Very glad to be back :drummer:

I knew this would bring him back

I'm not sure if this exactly qualifies as a power ballad-

Just Between You and Me-April Wine

Dang, now I miss Ray, resident April Wine enthusiast :(

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I'm here! I'm sorry I disappeared. I may have been gone longer, except Darryl [OLD55] tracked down my uncle's phone number and called to see if I was alright. So Darryl, if you read this, THANKYOU! My father was at my uncle's house when you called.

I'm good, just restless and very distractable. Thankyou all for missing me :grin:

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