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Have you seen me? II


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oops. I am not sure what happened to this thread. I tried to keep everything from Shawna's post to present. I am not sure where the rest of it went. I guess we were just slamming Diggs and he appeared, bearing tales of him and BF at the Black Thong.

So....carry on...

ha ha well that's two I've been given credit for creating, and never even had my fingers on the right keys. :grin: :grin:

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Hi BF, EA,

Soooooo busy at the moment with work and stuff. My internet playtime is negligable nowadays unfortunately - just the odd foray here and MySpace for my sins....

Glad to see the highbrow conversation and thought-provoking discussion continues here! lol

BF - I don't have the time to widen my circle....

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