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The place was geographically very different to any place I had ever been. Mostly flat, lots of swamp area. Sumter is 1/2 way between city and country, leaning more toward country. There looks to be quite a bit of poverty in parts of town. I only saw white or black people. No variety. Not one Asian or Hispanic to be found. The food was good, and everyone that I met was very polite and friendly. I liked the lack of vehicular traffic and that there was a lot of space. I dont think I will be moving there, though... I would like to go to a bigger city to see what the vibe is like there. I also wish I had more time to travel around to get a more in depth feel for the place and see some historic sites.

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Marc, everything in South Carolina between Columbia and the coast is like Sumter. :) Columbia and northwest of it are much more city-like - Greenville, Rock Hill, and then Charlotte is just over the border. That's the area where I live, and we're in the south but not all that southern, I guess.

For what it's worth...

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Just because I'm bored and kinda wonder. Other then anything to do with a PC what kind of hobbies do you all enjoy? I might get some good ideas from you guys. I like gardening (but it's to early to do much of that) and I like to crochet.

I was just wondering what you guys like to do.

My passions are (in no particular order) drumming, writing, crosswords, playing cards, watching sports, playing hockey and video games (mostly sports-related). I also enjoy beer :grin:

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