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What sweetens your coffee today II

Henry David

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Has anyone ever put a bologna sandwich in a toaster oven, only to have the bologna turn into a bowl? The cool part was that the cheese melted into the bowl.

LOL...next time slice a one inch notch from the edge inward before heating.

I'm guessing you haven't eaten too many fried bologna sandwiches Marc? Makes a damn good sandwich .... don't forget the notch. ;)

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No, Lucky, it is a new discovery for me!

Sammy, a toaster oven is a table top appliance in which one can choose to either toast a bread item, or bake any other item that requires baking before being consumed. They are handy because they heat up quickly (mine is a convection toaster/over) and do not heat up the room like a regular oven can. Highly recommended.

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With grades like that , you are gonna be in demand for sure

With the current employment recession, maybe I can now get a job at Dave & Busters, so I can play arcade games after making pizzas.

Shawna it was University of Phoenix campus, I'm going to Arizona State next.

Thanks guys

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