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What sweetens your coffee today II

Henry David

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Finals were on Monday, but we had one more paper/assignment in our Research Methods class due tonight... and I was done by 07:00 p.m. Okay, now it's over and I can veg for a few months before getting back on the wheel.

Speaking of which, I am waiting for this to arrive in the mail:


If I like that bike, I will fork over to import this baby:



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Hahaha. Yeah, the ride could be traumatic if something were to go wrong, but, man, I've already got the neon helmet picked out, as well as the add-ons (carrying bag, water bottle, frame protector, light). Anyway, it's not as if I'm gonna go mountain biking or doing the Tour de France. I just wanna ride locally around a city block or two. Admittedly, it's a strange design. However, it is very light, I can throw the bike on the back seat of a small car, and go to the next place. My brothers were laughing when they heard the concept of a "folding bike" :beatnik:


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Thanks everyone!

Seriously... what's next?

Next is Montana for the summer to do wetland research near the Rockies while I try to find more permanent employment. I'd like to work a government agency like Fish and Wildlife or the Parks Service or I'd take a private environmental consulting job. Anything that lets me work outside and do meaningful research, really. I figure I'll find something like that for a year or two and then head to grad school.

My favorite ND alum.

Really? Over Regis? ;)

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Well done, Tim !! :rockon:

Man ,seems just not so long ago you were telling us about getting accepted , and now you've finished . Time thieves have been about .

Good luck with your job search now . :thumbsup:

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:laughing: I've been waiting for somebody to non-ironically say that to me, given how much the last week has paralleled the first scene or two of The Graduate. I guess my next step is to have an affair with an older married woman and then fall in love with her daughter.

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Holy smokes! I can not believe you are graduating from ND already. Congratulations and good luck in your next move!

Has anyone ever put a bologna sandwich in a toaster oven, only to have the bologna turn into a bowl? The cool part was that the cheese melted into the bowl.

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