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What sweetens your coffee today II

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I try, but I live with someone who is a serial complainer and very negative.  Almost everyday, I lose patience early in the morning and then feel like a loser the rest of the day.  So staying positive

Howdy, ya'll.

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It was about $271.00 total.

My Tissot pocket watch totally junked out. Besides, the spring release was already bent and wonky, and the display face was scratched like hell. It still worked and it looked like something a bum would carry in his pocket hahaha. I figured since this one was on sale at Amazon from the "Jomashop" z-store, I might as well get one :beatnik:

Product link:


Seller link:


I'm not getting paid to promote any one of those three: Emporio Armani, Amazon, or Jomashop. You can purchase the same watch from the Armani on-line store for about $400.

Armani link:


I just like getting something offbeat and strange once in a while... but not crazy expensive. I mean, you can get something like an Art Deco vintage refurbished watch for about twice the price - it won't break the bank, but it's still a liiiittle too much for one curio time piece (maybe if I get a raise this year). Here's a Hamilton Putnam, the cheapest watch he has for sale at $500:



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I was so excited when I heard they were releasing it! I got us a set and then got my mom a set for Christmas (shhhhh) ;)

There are, I think, 278 episodes total over the life of the show, but the most you can get with this collection is 50, plus a ton of "extra" stuff. Tell you what, if you don't want to spend the $199 to buy it new, I'll loan you ours... you just have to wait for us to watch them first. That'll be another 5 or so years, likely. :laughing:

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Did something ridiculously bone-headed that i discovered today... Could have easily cost me in excess of $400 and a good client. But someone i consider a friend in addition to a business associte has stepped in to save my butt. And because of her, i am smiling instead of fashioning a noose. :)

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two big fat marshmallows sweetening my hot chocolate this morning: The first is that Lea commented on a FB post I made!! :) It's so good to hear from her. :grin: :grin:

Another is that I just bought tickets to Jay Leno for a Christmas present - and they are great seats. This is the kind of gift that I love giving, because it's something the recipient has been saying for a very long time that it is the ONE SHOW he'd LOVE to see. So I'm very excited for him for Christmas morning now. :grin:

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No, you just pay attention to where the car is. I had to shovel out my parents' car more than a few times growing up in Chicago. You found the tires, or started at the top from the roof, and used the edge of the shovel to push the snow off. Then you shoveled out from around and the underneath the tires.

Voila, no scratches or dents.

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My little soon 3 months old nephew, who's now spending a month in Madrid with his mummy (my young sister) and who was born and lives in Boston, MA, is the cutest thing I have ever seen. So I'm in love with this ever smiling and laughing little American boy... :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

He'll be back home with mom and daddy in three weeks.

...and I guess he loves me too :):):) :)

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So, eh...Pink, do you hire out?

LOL. I used to shovel out parking spots for our neighbors, only because they were elderly. If you could do it for yourself, then you did. It was weird, in all the years I lived in Chicago, which was the first 19 of my life, all the neighbors we ever had were elderly. Every apartment, didn't matter what neighborhood it was; old people. At least we didn't have to worry about noise and trash.

Thankfully where I live, if it does snow, it's not anywhere near enough to bury a car. Just enough to cause people to drive like absolute idiots.

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