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What sweetens your coffee today II

Henry David

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I was at the polling place this morning. A guy says to me, "I ate some bad eggs a while back and got very sick. The doctor gave me medicine but the sickness got worse before it got better. I'm doing better now but not fast enough. So I'm going to go back and eat some more bad eggs". He says he's voting republican.

:laughing: :rockon:

I voted today for the second time in my life. This time for a Congressman I've spent months campaigning for, rather than a Presidential candidate. Let's hope this time works out as well as the last...

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1-oh lord, not another damn hippie!

2-was they nekkid folks in the play?

3-Nothing should sweeten your metaphorical coffee till your ?uestlove afro baby is here :neener:

1. I've been a hippie. Guess you've never met me haha ;)

2. They were nekkid. Though I was so focused on the song I hardly noticed

3. My baby BETTER have a ?uestlove afro

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Rediscovering this song...it hit the charts in Novemeber of 1958 (a few weeks after yours truly hit the planet)...it's a Burt Bacharach tune written for "The Blob"...but Beware!!! you will have this song in your head all day long


Beware of The Blob, it creeps

And leaps and glides and slides

Across the floor

Right through the door

And all around the wall

A splotch, a blotch

Be careful of The Blob.

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I used to have nightmares about that song!


See, my sister was into the EZ-bake-Oven and I was into Creepy Crawlers which also was dependent on a heating element.

Five year old children don't need to learn about the physics of fire so...so...FAST!

Last thing I remember was me and my sister waking up in a hospital room.

We both realized our capacities and never-ever made another creepy crawler or EZ-bake cake.

It was too horrific for our fresh minds to endure.


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The EZ Bake Oven and the Creepy Crawler maker were both pretty dangerous toys. I am somewhat embarassed to say that there is a little plastic box that I keep on my bookshelf in my home office. It contains...every creepy crawler I made as a kid. They are wondrous things made of multi colored goo and heated to the level of a blast furnace.

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