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What sweetens your coffee today II

Henry David

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well done! I'd love to say something like, "I'd love to taste your chili," but I'm the biggest sissy about spicy food. If it's even mildly spicy, it makes my eyeballs sweat.

Yeah. Likewise, I never got the attraction of pain to the body enhancing the attraction of dining. :blush:

But have many friends who seek that sensation. :googly: Among Brasileiros, in fact, I am the odd diner in that regard.

But congratulations to you for your culinary prowess, Sammy! :cool:

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Prologue...(based on a true but regretably long story) Warning, if you're a bird lover don't read unless you're from the Autobaun society which recognizes that nature sometimes isn't perfect . . .

When I was about five I lost my baby quail. It was the only one that hatched out of an incubator that housed thirty-two eggs. (They normally take 21 days to hatch)

My mother told me I shouldn't get too attached to it but that quail thought I was its mother and we were like peas and carrots, Martin and Lewis or Skipper and Gilligan.

My mother warned me not to sleep with the quail but we did every night.

Until, I woke up one morning and couldn't find it.

I looked every where and back-tracked to my bed, where I found it; dead, on the floor, beside my side of the bed.

In my sleep I rolled over on it and either suffocated or smushed the trusting thing.

I learned a lot from that TRUE exprience.

I'll always remember its call, even though it was still to young to call:


Only a quail lover could understand.


However, the day I buried it I felt a buzzing of my ears; it was a humming bird!

My mother showed me how to make nectar for it using four parts water and one part sugar...

. . .that sweetened my coffee, even though I was too young to drink it at the time . . .

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Sun shining bright here, in RVA, it's supposed to reach 80 degrees fahernheit today, November 27, 2010.

I don't give a gosh darn what people say about "global warming" I love it!

And if I hated it...would it matter?

It's only been this way for over 8 BILLION years!

How old are you?

(too old to get up and too young to figure out how)


I liked when Darwin claimed we evolved from apes.

If that were true, then why are there still apes?

Even better when women claim to have a headache.

I'm safe to assume that the first few generations of women didn't have time to feel a headache!

Nor did they want to.


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