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What grinds your gears then?

Henry David

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On the bright side, you understand calculus.

We haven't even started actual calculus yet; we're in the "Prerequisites for Calculus" chapter.

But I'm probably going to start learning calc in Physics before Calculus...I think we're doing instantaneous velocity tomorrow, which involves limits.

I think I isolated just about everyone on this board... :P

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Time to isolate more people with calculus woes!

So, in AP Physics, we learn derivatives before we did in calculus so we could do instantaneous velocity and acceleration. Derivatives are, from what I know, a quick way to do find the slope of a curve at a point x that we're learning the long way first in calculus. But, in doing my calculus review packets, I get the right answer "cheating" and taking the derivative, while when I do all of the calculations out, I get the wrong answer.


TL;DR - I'm having #SmartPeopleProblems.

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I have a sinus infection :mad: , but I'm on antibiotics so I will be back to myself in a couple of days.

Sorry, Jenny. Get well soon... I'm in some trouble too: my husband has the flu. It's a fact that flu is much worse on men than on women. They complain constantly and such, you know what I mean... :D

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Yeesh, high school calculus. They'll teach you the long, difficult way to do derivatives so you understand what they actually mean and then they'll show you a way to do them that is incredibly simple and takes no time at all.

It just agitates me when I'm breezing through the problems because I know the simple derivative trick while other people are still stuck on what a limit is. It's not that hard. I can't speak for the other period, but he is constantly asking for questions in my class. But everyone is too afraid of looking stupid.

We're doing a lab in AP Physics with very minimal, if any, teacher interaction. It's actually making me nervous that we're going to royally f**k something up and have our data be entirely wrong.

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Well, my car is having it's third problem in as many months! It does 200K miles on it, so it's expected, but with no job, I have no way to pay for a new one, so I either fork over from my dwindling savings or I will have to Fred Flintstone it.

The stress from that and normal seasonal anxiety I get around this time of year is making it hard for me to relax, and I get physical symptoms from it. I don't ever have this attitude, but today, FML!!!!!!!!

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