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Unlikely Zep Favorites ??

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man its a hard to find a fav zep tune(ime kind of in love with them right now) but, dancing days thank you achillies last stand and tea for one r the suposedlly unlikely zep favs

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The Rain Song

Babe I'm Gonna Leave You

No Quarter

In The Evening

Achilles Last Stand

Bring It On Home

Trampled Underfoot

Anything off the untitled fourth album that can be considered unlikely, except perhaps Misty Mountain Hop

I don't know if these are really unlikely, but I don't know many of the songs that aren't on II, IV or Remasters.

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As Long As I Have You (Garnet Mimms)

In his book Led Zeppelin Live: An Illustrated Exploration of Underground Tapes author Luis Rey says

" A Garnet Mimms piece, transformed in one of the most impressive marathon medleys during 1968 and the beginning of 1969. One of the earliest highlights of the show that never saw its way to the official LPs. The consummate Wagnerian-like drama."

As Long As I Have You -

I've got it on the Fillmore West show 4-27-69

The medley includes Fresh Garbage, Shake, Cat's Squirrel, No Money Down, I'm a Man and lasts 18 minutes.

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