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  1. man id see them cause i never saw them before and i wouldnt miss that chance take what you get you know
  2. yeah right what is this a get rich kick sqeem
  3. your latest tricks dire straits also tunel of love live on the alchemy album
  4. my friends band is called killing floor
  5. gilmore is realsing on dvd the last concert Rick wright played on its suppose to be good
  6. joan jett the blackhearts and the runaways mick fleetwood= fleetwood mac and jon mayall and the bluesbreakers mick ronson= loo reed, david bowie, mott the hoople, and dylan paul mcartney beatles and wings
  7. just discovered them today they are really good anybody know them?
  8. yeah me too i wish i could have seen him live, i hate this frustration you get wen you listen to somone and know that you will never see him play
  9. wow edna thats pretty cool
  10. so what do you guys think of Rory Gallagher and if you have some cool stories about him or his music plz share i'm sad he's gone
  11. elie

    some stuff

    Heres more stuff In the evening of the blue moon, Jimmy was laying the ashes of the reborn Satire, in the darkness of night. He felt a great surge of mischief coming his way; he waited patently humming a tune, reminiscent of the killing moon he once courted. The ashes lay there in the silver light that shun, ripping the soft curtain of darkness apart. The ashes flew distorting the silver light easing the darkness that surrounds it. Jimmy kneeled on the dark wooden tiles, took out a guitar that appeared out of the ashes, he strummed it and an echo of beauty in darkness flew through the air. Mischievous Robert, so silently walked a grin on his face, in front Jimmy played, Robert approached, and bumped Jimmy on the shoulder, Jimmy screamed and hit Robert with the guitar, he knew all along of Robert, he felt him coming, he wanted to have fun, love flew in the fight, it was fun and light, but there was blood and Jimmy spat red rivers. In the end all was good; Robert wanted a new hair color. They left the mystical place laughing and jumping, Jimmy left the broken guitar on the wooden floor, and the blood mixed with its debris, the magic of the place, curious entered the duo, creating an orgy of bloody wooden magic. She was born the perfect guitar, of crimson color, beautiful body, and a magical feel. It flew high in the night and landed in front of a small home crashing, crater in the ground. The door opened and a young girl followed by a slightly older Mick walked out. The Stray Cat blues duo, in amazement saw the guitar shimmering bluish energy. The girl touched the guitar and a shock of blue lightning flew through her body awakening desires that were just laid to rest. Quickly she turned, ran towards Mick and jumped on him, rolling in the mud; they struggled to lay those desires back to rest. After quite a workout Mick turned to the girl, took a cigarette lit it and blew some smoke in her face, she inhaled it and fell on her knees, he sat next to her. They sang during the night wile the guitar gently strummed the Stray Cat Blues.
  12. oops sorry i forgot my words abracadabra senile small hands feet howl moon
  13. spinster sandals sit sink sadly saucily The spinster sat on her chair playing with her sandals saucily saying to her neighbor how she needed no man sadly she didnt realize that he was here to court her and save her from sinking in a sea of lonliness
  14. YOUR ROCK STAR NAME: (first pet and current street name) dog sioufih 2. YOUR MOVIE STAR NAME: (grandfather/grandmother on your moms side, your favorite candy) milad twix 3. YOUR "FLY GIRL/GUY" NAME: (first initial of first name, first two of your middle name) e-ca 4. YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: (favorite color, favorite animal) red wolf 5. YOUR SOAP OPERA NAME: (middle name, city where you were born) carl beirut 6. YOUR STAR WARS NAME: (the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your first name, first 2 letters of mom's maiden name and first 3 letters of the town you grew up in.) attelasbrou 7.SUPERHERO NAME: ("The", your favorite color, favorite drink) the red wiskey
  15. This is something I wrote wile listening to the Siamese trap album by opal its called mushroom bloom Psychedelic trance is what I’m in, after the long music mushroom blooming in my head ******* with my senses all I see is colors, lights and musical guitar riffs. The air that I breathe through my nose is sweet and fresh with vanilla, strawberry sent. The earth is smiling, my feet are smirking, it’s all good of joy, falalalalalalaaaa. Magic love guitar, drugs sex and rock and roll is what I feel when I hear the sounds buzzin in my space of comfort. Hell I feel free. A great tune, truly a great tune. This is a story with Ziggy as the main character. in the evening of the ninth moon of the fish Ziggy went out guitar in hand searching for the light of the electric love man, he needed his help searching for a dirty girl in drags who resides in the land of the rock n roll refugees ooooh I need a dirty woman he sighted a woman to fill my madness with desire, he approached the wind and asked for directions the man appeared eyes ablaze a powdered nose and dirty lips he told Ziggy to go to the land of the rising star were all the dust of the world cling to her desperately as he approached the land of the rising star his madness filled the echoes of the world his guitar distorted space and time and killed the kings of silence he felt slightly mad Ziggy went Ziggy came Ziggy searched Ziggy cried but the dirty woman would not appear his brain was filled with electric love his eyes shun bright crimson and his hair turned red madness took him one step further beyond the land of the common his guitar cried out of pain as he held it tightly against his heart the earth played a mournful tune feeling Ziggys pain the world sung a song of despair and melancholy reminiscent of a certain danger bird in the year of the 97 a crazy horse also he woke stood up kneeling on his guitar she appeared in front of him she shun like the sun her hair was mellow yellow he looked a her his madness exploded he felt a rush of energy run trough him to his guitar he held it high pointed it at the heavens and played the electric cosmic sound that can only be played when madness makes love to music crazy madness sweet music crazy music sweet madness he set the gods of chaos free to roam the earth flowers bloomed colors filled his head music filled the air she screamed mixed feelings pain ecstasy anger happiness fear enlightenment the flowers bloomed around her and climbed her energy filled her body she shun like the sun they all knelt around her adoring her ziggy stood took his guitar and smashed it three inches from her face the air blew the winds shook and the flowers danced sparks flew burning the sun music was being made music of the unconventional of the imaginary of the expanding of emotions of happiness of love of anger of lust of rock and roll
  16. The live fast, die young and leave a good looking corpse lifestyle live fast= live life to the fullest die young= stay young and fresh in your heart leave a good looking corpse= eat healthy and exercise
  17. elie

    Free Bird

    http://www.ultimateflcl.com/characters/characters/atomsk.jpg the free bird
  18. yeah i loove sticky fingers gimme shelter is definatly a fav along with sister morphine
  19. this is the saddest news i heard in a long wile R.I.P rick jam on
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