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Actually, STILLwater was the band in "Almost Famous"

THIS is Sweetwater...

(from Wikipedia)

Sweetwater was a rock band originally from Los Angeles. They were the act scheduled to play first at the Woodstock Festival in 1969, although due to problems within the band, solo folksinger Richie Havens became the first performer. Sweetwater performed next, becoming the first band to play the festival.

Sweetwater were early developers of the psychedelic rock/fusion style that was popularized by Jefferson Airplane to be regarded as the archetype "60s Sound". In 1968-69, the band often toured with The Doors. They were also one of the opening acts for Eric Burdon & The Animals in 1968. One of their best-known recordings is a version of the traditional folk song "Motherless Child".

The original members of the band were Nancy Nevins (lead vocals/guitar), August Burns (cello), Albert Moore (flute/backing vocals), Alan Malarowitz (drums), Elpidio Cobian (conga drums), Alex Del Zoppo (keyboards) and Fred Herrera (bass).

Three days after Sweetwater performed on The Red Skelton Show (December 1969), singer Nancy "Nansi" Nevins was severely injured in a car accident, which stopped the progress of the band. Due to the accident, Nancy experienced brain damage for a number of years following the collision, and permanent damage to one of her vocal cords.[1]

The group reunited for Woodstock '94 in 1994 with three original members - Nevins, Herrera and Del Zoppo. August Burns died in the 80s, Alan Malarowitz was killed in a car crash near 1981, Albert Moore died of pneumonia in 1994. Elpedio Cobian works as a film statist. In 1999, the story of the band was depicted in a VH1 TV-movie called Sweetwater: A True Rock Story. Amy Jo Johnson portrayed Nancy Nevins, while Michelle Phillips portrayed an older Nancy.

:afro: :afro: :afro: :rockon: :rockon: :rockon:

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I watched the Golden Globes last night.

Ricky Gervais' act is beginning to wear a little thin. His jokes were, for the most part, LAME!

And now I have one more reason to REALLY dislike Seth Rogan. The man is an unfunny, ill-mannered buffoon. He is not one of Canada's best exports.

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I felt like Gervais was neutered by the network TV powers-that-be. His stand up is generally brilliant. And I thought Rogen had the one genuinely spontaneous moment of humor, but I'm pretty buffoonish myself.

I kinda thought Rogen's joke was pretty funny too. Though I thought it was pretty presumptuous for Kate Beckinsale to laugh as if the erection he was concealing was for her.

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Really? I assumed that was the point of the joke.

Not sure why I didn't read this until today, but I was making a joke. I tend to forget that sarcasm doesn't come across well on the Internet.

I told my fiancee whom I was watching the show with that the erection he was concealing was obviously for Dustin Hoffman ;)

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:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: Knowing you ,shawna , as I do , I think you'll give it ten minutes before it pisses you off ...lol

How's your tolerance for overly melodramatic Germans pf 100 years ago or so ?

I would recommend it if you are into the 'Dracula ' thing , but otherwise , it just sucks .

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I've received reviews from family members about "Argo". None good. Much like "Saving Private Ryan" and "U-571" the movie is terribly inaccurate and gives no credit to the Canadian military. Much like "Saving Private Ryan" (where, somehow, there isn't a Canadian soldier in sight throughout the movie) and the abhoration known as "U-571" which depicts American sailors taking control of the enigma machine when in reality it was the British U-boat (aka: Bulldog).

Hollywood seems to be the propaganda machine of the U.S. :doh:

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