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I learned a new movie term today: a "McGuffin"

which is a plot device that while important for the plot or character development, its details are absolutely uninteresting (or sometimes not even known) for the viewer.

examples are the content of the suitcase in "Pulp Fiction", the "government secrets" in "North by Northwest", or the "Sankara Stones" from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

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6 degrees between me and Jon Stewart...

One of my closest friends shared a New Delhi hotel lobby while Slumdog Millionaire's Dev Patel and Freida Pinto while she was there on some work-related rubbish. Dev Patel was a guest on The Daily Show a week or so ago. Ergo, there are just 3 degrees (and a plane ticket) separating me from Mr. Stewart.

Mwah ha ha ha :evil:

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"Once Upon A Time In the West " : Henry Fonda , Charles Bronson ,Jason Robards 5/10

Now ,I love a good Western once in a while -but this wasn't it . Look at that cast and you too would be suckered into buying it , though . It also has a huge number of fans calling it 'one of the best movies ever ! '

These are all lies . The movie , directed by Sergio Leone , has gone too far in boring his audience with long , pointless scenes , weak script , and tries to save it with cinematography . At nearly 2.5 hours , you get a long drawn out -yet simplistic- tale of revenge , more worthy of opera than a movie . It's saving grace is that we get to see Fonda as a psychotic bad guy and he pulls it off royally .

Fans of Leone's work with Eastwood's 'Spaghetti Westerns' will immediately see a difference here - though may love it out of loyalty and little more . This story is simple and dull , though it likely laid some groundwork for future 'realistic' Westerns thereafter , then it does earn a little praise .

I fully expect to be ripped apart by XXX for not 'loving ' this 'breaktrough' movie, as well as being considered a philistine for my comments , but these , ladies and gentlemen of the jury , are the facts .

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