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My significant other and I beat the Kona/South wind heat last week with "Happy Feet." So, getting accidentally punted onto the Winter ice made junior an awful singer but the best onscreen dancer since Bill "Bojangles" Robinson. (Michael Who?) This animated movie has just enough serious content/themes to keep adults from heading for the refreshment bar, especially when Robin Williams and the Chicano Adele penguins 'cho up. I find it odd that the hero still has his immature fuzzy feathers at the final "dance of the Emperors," but getting dropped on your head will do that! One observation: The Penguins beat "Casino Royale" and definitely are "shaken, not stirred."

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Well, 2006 isn't over yet, so Jack Black has ample opportunity to display his less-than-stellar movie roles. I might sign out the Aston Martin and forgive the producers replacing Baccarat with Poker just to see "James Blond" in action. =:P (As I recall, Clint Eastwood was referred to as "Blondie" by Eli Wallach's "Tuco" in "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly." The newest 007 looks like that kind of "Blonde.")

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Well, 2006 isn't over yet, so Jack Black has ample opportunity to display his less-than-stellar movie roles.

Call 911! I have just into severe shock! Wait, everything has gone dark. I can't see anything except for the white light at the end of the tunnel. It's so peaceful here. I hear the lilting strains of "F Her Gently". I sense people telling me to look away from the light, but I can't. I'm transfixed by the image of Jack beckoning me to him. Hang on, my chubby, cherubic angel. I'm coming to you, baby...


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Lol, before you die Mama Peaches i got a story to tell you!

Okay, you remember Dead Heads! Everybody knows who they are..

Well, i discovered Ten Heads. Tenacious D freaks! I went to the movie and before the movie or anythign started for about 20 minutes they were singing like every Tenacious D song i know and have heard...which is all of them. They were a big group, so they did this chorus like "F Her Gently" I was in tears laughing so hard. Then they finished up with Wonderboy. It was GREAT! Totally set the movie up for me and my friends!

These guys had seen the movie like 5 times already it was hilarious. We thought that they were gonna be talkin through the entire movie but surprisingly they stopped right when the movie started! Good Times Good Times...

"There were some scientists, tryin to figure out, the sasquatch riddle, then they figured out it was a missing link. In search of Sasquatch, that was a kick @$$ in search of, with leonard nimoy kickin out the jams. He captured imagination from people all around the globe his name is Sasquatch so were told!"

Monotone: Scientists have proven that the Sasquatch he is real, take a look at the plaster cast of his foot, no you know its real. Listen real close to the audio tape, not a human no you know hes real. Couldnt be a man in Gorilla suit, no effin way, no you know hes real! REAL, real, REAL REAL...Really REAL REEEEEAL!"

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Oh, and i got a Movie Question for you guys....

on Pulp Fiction, John Travolta and Uma Thurman pull up to Jack Rabbit Slims. He complains about being there and she says "Dont be a ....!" Then she draws a rectangle....

I dont get it!! Can anybody help me out with this!? I know Tarantino is very unique in his work, but i just dont understand why it was in there!

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Yeah, true, but in reality, why would you drag along trunks and trunks worth of stuff when say, the boat leaves at 1 and you are supposed to be back at 4?

Did I just walk into Cheers in Boston?


How's it going Mister Peterson?

Poor. I'm sorry to hear that.

No, I mean pour.

How's life treating you Norm?

Like it caught me sleeping with its wife.

Women. Can't live with 'em... pass the beer nuts.

What's going down, Normie?

My butt cheeks on that bar stool.

Pour you a beer, Mr. Peterson?

Alright, but stop me at one....make that one-thirty.

How's it going Mr. Peterson?

It's a dog eat dog world, Woody & I'm wearing Milk Bone underwear.

What's the story Norm?

Boy meets beer. Boy drinks beer. Boy meets another beer.

What's going on Mr. Peterson?

The question is what's going in Mr. Peterson? A beer please, Woody.

Can I pour you a beer Mr. Peterson?

A little early isn't it, Woody?

For a beer?

No, for stupid questions.

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Then she draws a rectangle....

it does mean square - it's all part of the twisted humor. :grin:

If they were originally only going out for a three hour tour, why's the Howell's have all that stuff with them?

because without all that stuff, they wouldn't have been the richest on the island.

Favorite Gilligan's Island quote: "A Howell never runs in the face of danger. He walks very fast."

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Upon its' cancellation, the series stops abruptly, there is no "end" to the story.

There was a lame reunion special many years later, if I recall correctly, the island is depicted as completely developed and looks a lot like a Hawaiian resort. I don't remember what the explanation for that was. Evidently, Gilligan never left.

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There was a silly movie made years ago with Annette Funicello as the mom to Lori Laughlin's daughter, and Bob Denver (Gilligan) played Gilligan as a bartender.

He would be talking to the patrons at the bar whilst filling their drinks, saying, "I once spent years on an island with a guy who was so smart he could make a two-way radio out of coconuts. But he couldn't fix a 3-foot hole in a boat. Wanna hear about it?"

It was a silly/stupid/funny movie. Gilligan was the best part. :grin:

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