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I can't either, sadly. Even in the live versions I've heard he seems to have conceded to leaving the "offensive" parts out.

Apocalypse Now -Redux ( 2001 ) : 45+ minutes more of dirctor's cut has the entire song - plus the movie is now more 'complete' in a traditional sense , imo . Some hate it , though - but screw them ! 'Heart Of Darkness ' is an epic of economic story-telling , so some like the original better . I prefer the addition of meeting a lost group of French plantation owners , etc . who symbolically ' pass the torch' ( or bomb , depending on your point-of-view ) to the Americans .

Amazon has a new dual set ( I just bought it ) with both movies , though , and special features ( so-so ) and 5.1 sound etc. . Fantastic ! Packaged in an Army replica 'classified' case like Capt . Willard carries with ( fake ) wax seal - cool ! :cool: Not too pricey , either ! Check it out !

As for the song - you're not missing too much more than you've likely heard - Jim chants it out pretty safely - like an Indian witch-doctor - he'd been arrested or hastled already a number of times :cool: ;) for being vulgar on stage . :thumbsup: :drummer:

" Never get out of the boat - absolutlely , goddamn right - unless you were going all the way ! " - Capt. Willard

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Indeed , there is new vocabulary and meanings now ( thanks to scum sucking baby boomers whoi want to retire peacefully now - don't forget we'll be in your homes to rob you

- love Gen X ( now in charge, but don't really want to be - though we'd NEVER give it to the bastards Y0U'VE so poorly raised { like we didn't see THAT coming ! } ... ),

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I was flipping channels last night and came across Pretty Woman. You know I understand it was a big hit and had the happy ending, but if it wasn't for Richard Gere and Jason Alexander I don't think I would really care for it. Not a huge fan of Julia Roberts, but I know that was the movie that put her on top. Oh and I love Hector Elizondos part, he is such a good actor.

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Watched Hairspray the other night and just laughed, I love that movie. The one with Rikki Lake, Debbie Harry, Sonny Bono, and many great actors. Great soundtrack! The hairstyles and just campiness of the film. I loved it when Rikki Lake's character Tracy got hairdo detention!! :laughing:

I can't wait to see the new one in theaters now with John Travolta.

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Oh me too. Is films were always being shown in the lounge at college, someplace I spent a lot of time, but his films are cult classics! Remember Serial Mom!! With Kathleen Turner, oh my that was too funny! I never wear white after Labor Day! :)

And of course Pink Flamingos, very unusual film, but a classic John Waters flick.

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How about "Cry-Baby"


Johnny Depp as Wade Walker / Cry-Baby

Amy Locane as Allison Vernon-Williams

Polly Bergen as Mrs. Vernon-Williams

Susan Tyrrell as Ramona Rickettes

Iggy Pop as Belvedere Rickettes

Ricki Lake as Pepper Walker

Traci Lords as Wanda Woodward

Kim McGuire as Mona Malnorowski / Hatchet-Face

Darren E. Burrows as Milton Hackett

Kim Webb as Lenora Frigid

Stephen Mailer as Baldwin

Jonathan Benya as Snare-Drum

Jessica Raskin as Susie Q.

Robert Walsh as Judge

James Intveld as Wade Walker / Cry-Baby (singing voice)

Rachel Sweet as Allison Vernon-Williams (singing voice)

Troy Donahue as Mr. Malnorowski

Mink Stole as Mrs. Malnorowski

Joe Dallesandro as Mr. Hackett

Joey Heatherton as Mrs. Hackett

David Nelson as Mr. Woodward

Patricia Hearst as Mrs. Woodward

Willem Dafoe as Hateful Guard

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Watched an interesting movie on Lifetime, ok guys stop laughing, it was Normal Adolescent Behavior. A group of six friends who had know each other since grade school that only hung out with one another and they all had sex with each other. They had these little boxes with their names on it and it held things that were important to them for whatever reason. They were a strange group of teens. I grew up when sex was something everyone was doing but I don't remember it being normal to have a "special" group and those were the only people who you had sex with or even hung out with not letting anyone else in. Very strange movie.

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