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To my good friend, Martin.

Arrivederci, Deutschland!

Admittedly our history against Italy in World and European Cups isn't the best and you DID win the 2006 semi-final on our own turf... but then again our team is better than it was then - and Italy's gonna have to shoot more goals then yesterday to beat us (also Germany hasn't lost a penalty shoot-out since 1976)

I'm confident :shades:

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We have fans everywhere. And we're the rare team that has a multitude of die hard fans that aren't students/alum (probably because of the Catholic thing), which is why we have the NBC deal. But because of the overblown passions of our fanbase, or our television deal, or the fact that we've sucked for 20 years, or the fact that we're a Catholic school, etc., those who don't love us tend to hate us.

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We have the same thing with several pro sports teams here. The Montreal Canadiens & Toronto Maple Leafs (both of which suck terribly in the NHL) and the Saskatchewan Rough Riders (again a sucky bunch in our pro football league, but a crazy fan base) but with our college hockey, football, etc we aren't quite like in the US. We tend to root for the "home team".

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