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Well I'll agree with you on the beautiful stadium. I firmly believe Camden Yards is one of, if not the best ballpark in baseball.

And we do have some attractive players. My fiancée is a big fan of Adam Jones and Jake Arrieta and my mother thinks Brian Roberts is adorable. We have an attractive team.

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I may have a hard time watching baseball, but one thing is certain: I really can't stand the Yankees or the Red Sox. I hope the outfield at Yankee Stadium sprouts weeds and the Green Monster turns blue! :evil:



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I didn't edit! You lie!
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Gonna brag about my girl a little.....Mya started her third season in her local swim team, and the first swim meet was today. She got her first 1st place today in the freestyle relay, 2nd place in the backstroke, and 1st place in the breaststroke! Woo who!

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Just seen something I don't recall ever having seen before : can a starting pitcher pick up both the win and the save for the same game ? I didn't believe this was possible .

Tonight's Yanks/Atlanta game : C.C Sabbatia was the starter .Atlanta lead 2-0 until the bottom of the 5th when the Yanks scored 3. Atlanta never scored again and the final score ended up 6-2 for NY . Sabbatia pitched the entire 9 innings .

However , in the box scores (yahoo!'s at least ) , Sabbatia is credited with both the win and a save for the game . A typo,possibly ?

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Yes, typo. But it is theoretically possible. It has never happened and probably never will. The only way it can happen is:

The starting pitcher is removed from the mound and placed in another position (e.g. outfield, first base). He is then still eligible to return to the mound as a pitcher. He can come in and close the game.

I have seen a couple games where they removed the pitcher for a batter or two and then brought him back in to pitch to another hitter or two, but the save thing has never happened (not that I'm aware of, anyway).

...And this has been "Rules Of The Game" with Miamisammy. Enjoy the rest of the game.

:afro: :afro: :afro: :susel:

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