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Also, I am SUPER pumped for March Madness and it kills me that I'm working all day tomorrow and Saturday. At least I get today and Sunday.

Also, my bracket has St. Mary's and Creighton eventually facing off and that would be so amazing. Matthew Dellavedova vs. Doug McDermott would be SWEET.

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Let me preface my comments by saying that I HATE basketball. That having been said, I'm cheering for either Gonzaga (their star player is Canadian) or New Mexico because 3 of their starting five are Canadian. What can I say? I'm a homer. Besides, my beloved Badgers have already crashed and burned.

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I'm with CanAm on the basketball-hating thing. It sucks nearly as much as baseball.

With that said: will I get another shot at Fantasy baseball? Now that I'm no longer a Fantasy Sport virgin I'm hoping for a better season. I might even attempt to learn about current players & teams. :tongue:

I'm definitely going to defend my NFL fantasy crown if we have a league! :rockon:

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