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Thoughts, Hopes, Prayers


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Shawna! are you still up? Go to bed! SF can be dangerous if you don't know what you're doing!

What are doing there , anyway - holiday ? Tried any local exotic cuisine- boiled snake , perhaps ? ;)

Yep...holidaying...meeting aunt and uncle and kid cousins. I've been here once before. Both times I've tried local cuisine but nothing scary sounding. :P I love the way they have their meals. Each dish arrives separately one at a time and the rice/noodles is at the end. Very smart I think and very stressless for slowcoach eaters like me :D I've also been to Disneyland and done a decent amount of bargain shopping (that was fun!)

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I've got to have my sister take a digital photo of my zipper before it gets ripped out next Tuesday. One of the staples is threatening to make an early run for it... wonder if I should be concerned... :puppyeyes:

Not that my abs have ever been the envy of every female in eyesight, but this surgery wreaked a sort of havoc on them that I never would have imagined... out of a Quentin Tarantino movie... fire and brimstone...

thanks for the warm welcome everyone :) It's nice to be alive.

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i know im not here much now, had a few problems

with my hubby's health, and now he has to go back

into hospital for another operation :( ,i just

pray this time everything will be ok

i would also like to pray for a friend who went

to a girls aid, as she was being mugged by a

large gang of teens, the result of that is he

ended up being stabbed 6 times and is now on a

life support machine with not much hope for him :(

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