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Horns (pop, rock, funk and soul)

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This topic has been touched upon in many threads, but I didn't see one dedicated to it.

I was listening to The Grassroots in the car today. Man, they had some sweet horn arrangements. Midnight Confession, Wait a Million Years, Sooner or Later all have wonderful, full horn sections.

What are your favorite songs with horns being played. It can be a solo saxophone or full trumpets, trombones, etc. All brass, woodwinds..anything that moves your soul and spirit through a wind instrument.

There are some obvious bands and some that aren't thought of as having horns played. so, what do you like?

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They were here in Alabama not long ago. It was such an amazing concert! We had high nosebleed seats...but it didnt matter, it was just so amazing! They played to EVERYBODY! And, if you didnt know the song, you learned soon. After that, they joined up with Earth Wind and Fire!

Whats scary is how E,W,&F and Chicago are so much alike!

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