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Fun and Games: guess the band


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I'll throw another wild guess out there.........Foo Fighters?

Yeah, gotta be Foo Fighters-Everlong was supposedly about Cobain and Dave Grohl is certainly multi-instrumental and he fronted the new band Probot. So, in lieu of Daniel, I'm gonna take it upon myself to say tenyearsgone is up.

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And its not Everlong thats about Kurt Cobain, its My Hero (which is my favorite Foo's Song)

Well, Dan, I don't know, there are people who think Everlong is about Cobain and My Hero certainly could be, but I thought that Grohl has always denied it. Whatever.

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One-hit wonder signifies to me having one big top 40 hit in the US--that's it. The term doesn't reflect the worthiness of an artist--in fact I think Thin Lizzy is one of the great underrated bands of the 70's--nor is it meant as a comment on the international appeal of a performer, which, being a parochial American, I am usually unaware of. Sorry for the "dull cliche."

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