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Fun and Games: guess the band

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I do, it´s Allman Bros. They were on Liberty.

My turn:

1) They formed in New York City, middle-late 60s.

2) Carly Simon was a brief member of the band

3) Played with Mr.and Mrs Superstar for two years.

4) Collaborated on soundtrack of famous movie late 60s.

C´mon, Danyboy!!!! :drummer:

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edna, yours is Elephant's Memory:bow: :bow: :bow:

Maxwell Smart? no, I don't think so but I loved that show :laughing:. I just love beer - that's why I chose the picture.

here goes an easy one:

1. formed in California in early seventies.

2. lead singer took on a variety of bizarre personas.

3. finally acheived chart success with a video hit in 1983.

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