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  1. Would that be the year they got stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? ::
  2. Both the Flying "lizards" and the Beetles (sp?) did a song called "Money"
  3. Speaking of goldbricking, where have you been in the Guess The Song threads, Kevin (or are you too good for us now that Mel Brooks started using you in his movies? :
  4. That's Stevie Wonder, Teresa! The song is Girl Blue from Music of My Mind, one of my favorite records of all time. (I think I just may listen to it now! )
  5. So many excellent contributions thus far--many that have been mentioned are some of my favorites of all time. Though I could probably compile a list of my own I will offer one song: Working Class Hero by Lennon (see signature below.) Not only is it a heartbreaking account of the pain of his upbringing, its last lines are an eerie foreshadowing of his death. Powerful and chilling all the way around.
  6. rico

    A Survey

    How old are you? OLD! 40 freaking 6!!! Are you left or right handed? ambidextrous (really!) What's your zodiac sign? Capricorn (Latin for old goat) What's your favorite flavor of ice cream? Rocky road (favorite song--Rocky Raccoon) Have you ever been on an airplane? Yes, too many times! Do you like Neil Diamond? Hell yes great singer-songwriter, especially his stuff in the late 60's-early 70's Would you rather use black or blue ink? I have an affinity for Black Do you sleep on the right or left side of the bed? left Do you like cheese? uh, yeah Why is that your songfacts screename? Ri
  7. She's Leaving Home-Beatles Behind Blue Eyes-Who Drive-REM Working Class Hero-J.L.
  8. All right so I'm making this CD for my twentysomething nephew--sort of a musical tour through the ages, with songs from the 60's through today (and hey I just thought of the title--Rico Rockin' Thru The Ages!--yeah I am one wild and crazy hipster uncle, no? , and oh by the way as soon as it's finished it will be available as a Songfacts premium-- hey it costs money to keep this site going!--along with my other collections--my way cool R&B CD, Play That Funky Music, Rico! as well as my holiday compilation, The 12 Days of Rico, featuring Wayne Newton's classic version of Lennon's Happy Xmas
  9. Why ,yes, it is, Annabelle Lee! You're up.
  10. 1. short-lived "supergroup" (2 albums) 2. 80's 3. formed mostly from members of former British Invasion band Gotta be Box of Frogs, a short-lived 80's band with Yardbirders Paul Samwell-Smith and Chris Dreja. So, assuming I'm right: 1. Name came from working title of a Beatles song 2. Bit the big "Apple" but found mostly maggots 3. Two members hanged themselves
  11. Still working my way through 1974, but all I can say is ANYTHING BUT EMINEM!
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