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Fun and Games: guess the band


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Bugger, I shouldn't have guessed!!! Ok, ok, gimme a few minutes.....

1.) First formed in 1988 while in high school.

2.) Able to inject substantial money into the band thanks to a cash settlement over a drunk driving accident.

3.) The lead singer has a side project band who've released an album with guest appearances by an ex-hole bassist and an ex-Faith No More vocalist.

4.) Under Madonna's music label.

Funny, but I actually didn't have to google for the previous answer. We had an awesome painting teacher at art college and he always used to play old 60's songs (actually, he used to play Doris Day alot too which was way funky) and we thought he was just the coolest! If I remember correctly, the SDG did a song called "every little hurts" which I took a liking to.

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