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Fun and Games: guess the band

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Thanks Sammy...neither one is very original but they'll do for now. :shades:

Edna..thank you very much, you are a sweetie. :angel: :angel: :angel:

ok here we go:

1. Duo formed in the 60's, originally from Mississippi and Illinois.

2. The one from Illinois punched out Elvis Costello in a bar.

3. One of the most interesting and amazing biographys of any musical act I can think of.

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It was a woman - Bonnie Bramlett of Delaney and Bonnie. (I woulda punched him too!)

New one:

1. Band hails from the deep south

2. Got their name in part from an old abandoned building they were driving by one day

3. Tragedy was averted on the set of their first video shoot when a faulty neon sign caused an electrical fire than nearly burned down the bar where they were filming

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Five days later, TenYears gone... ::

I´ll post one:

1) Formed by two members of californian awesome band and harmonica player

2) Could be a member of songfacts

3) Had to eliminate the s***t from their name and change by another one (record companie refused...)

Very very easy...

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