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  1. Hey babies! how old are you? 25 zodiac sign? Gemini left or right handed? equally adept with both Flavor of ice cream? chunky monkey! been on an airplane? o'course Like Neil Diamond? yeah he aight Black or blue ink? Black is beautiful baby. right or left side of the bed? my bed's round How tall are you? 6'2" like cheese? it cool with wine Why songfacts name? cause momma called me her little chimpie comin up cause I was so damn cute, and I kinda acquired the evil part as I got older worst subject? good at everything I do Favorite book? Confessions Of Nat Turner and Black Boy and Catcher in the Rye (tie) What's your favorite vacation? Was in the Riviera once, and that was sweet, but St Kitts in the Caribbean was the best What do you do when you're sad? Try not to get too deep into it, tho if I'm sad for a good reason, I try to reflect on it and talk to people I care about Are you a good dancer? Hell yes! What´s your favorite drug? Cannabis rolled into a thin cylinder What do you drive? Take cabs mostly, but have a 1999 black vette, a Denali for open road an bad weather, and an Explorer, which is Stevie's mostly, but I drive it too. Coke or Pepsi? Squirt Are you more like your mother or your father? Looks is definitely moms side, though I got my daddy's cheekbones (before y'all think I'm this self-centered wack, keep in mind I am a model!) but as far as personality and character goes they both contributed nicely to the makeup Do the cops have your mug shot on file? Nope Any unusual scars or interesting birthmarks? got a discoloration on my butt that look exactly like Jesus--psych!! Ever modelled? No, never though a that, thanks for the tip! Can you sing? Not even close baby! Favorite Pink Floyd song? Wish You Were Here tied with Brain damage Favourite Beatle? Lennon o'course Favourite song of all time? Strange Fruit-Billie Holliday Do you have any pets? Stevie got a ferret but she more of a handwarmer than a pet! :: Least Favourite band? EMINEM! Favorite band of all time? The Who Vegetarian? Not strictly but eat very little meat On average, how much time do you spend on Songfacts per day? Not as much as I would like to since y'all people are so all that Do looks matter? Sure in some scenarios (like the career I profess to) but on the other hand I seen the best-looking people in the world be the worst snakes and vice versa. IMO if you ain't got it below the surface, you a hollow shell. How old were you when you had your first real kiss? 15 Whats your house number? 317 happiest moment? when I get another day to live (and that's for real!) First celebrity crush and how old? me, yeah I was a baby cutie model at 5 , no for real Will Smith at age 10 (in case y'all haven't noticed I'm a gay boi! ) Cats or dogs? little sneaky devil cats ain't in the picture so I guess dogs (tho not the ones that jump up all over yr good wool pants!) **What makes you smile?
  2. Yeah foxy girl I like that song, but there was this 70's song called Brother Louie by the Stories (an oh BTW does anybody have any info on that band, like who was in it and such?) but it was on this Cd that my Uncle leon made for me, and it's about interacial dating and I really like the words (and the song as a whole is deep an intense for real!), and since it's MLK day tomorrow, maybe it's relevant (see everything in life ties in together, don't it! ) Brother Louie She was black as the night Louie was whiter than white Danger, danger when you taste brown sugar Louie fell in love over night Hey man, what's wrong with that? Nothing bad, it was good Louie had the best girl he could When she took him home to meet her mama and papa Louie knew just where he stood Louie Louie Louie, Louie Louie Louie Louie Louie Louie, Louie you're gonna cry All right, what's all this about? I love her, man Oh yeah, man, let me tell you I don't want no honky in my family, you dig? No honky in my family See what I mean Louie really caused a scene He did, I tell you Ain't no diff'rence 'tween black or white Brothers, you know what I mean Louie Louie Louie, Louie Louie Louie Louie Louie Louie, Louie you're gonna cry There he stood in the night Knowing what's wrong from what's right He took her home to his mama and papa Louie had a terrible fright What's goin' on? Well, we're in love Now listen, let me tell you I don't want no spook in my family Get it, no spook in my family See what I mean Louie really caused a scene He did, I tell you Ain't no diff'rence 'tween black or white Brothers, you know what I mean Louie Louie Louie ....
  3. I could not disagree with you more, peaches, girl. Now I'm a 25-year-old black man and I grew up in Gary, Indiana, an if you don't know a thing about the city, well lemme tell you, a lot of it is pretty depressed, what with the steel industry dying an things in general not holding out a lotta hope for too many people. So I guess Gary might be representitive of the 'reality' you spoke of that rappers write about. Well, I was lucky and blessed enough to grow up in a family that refused to accept the 'reality' of the situation and instilled values of hard work and honesty and respect for women and for people in general into all of us, and i for one think that the people writing this woman-hating, glorification of violence an drugs B-S are NOT describin what they see as much as are being exploited by people who want to make money offa them. And I know you are a very thoughtful woman an I love to read yr posts here, but please do not glorify these fools as poets as it sullies and dishonors the true poets who have fought for rights and justice and refused to be used by the purveyors of greed. Yes, there are rap artists i respect--an somebody mentioned Tupac--definitely he coulda been a poet, he had a great gift for words, but he could never rise above the slime of the violence an drugs an dirty money an he paid for it with his precious life and he is a prime example of an artist being exploited to death. And as far as music goes, I believe that rap has barely evolved as a form beyond the Sugar Hill Gang where it first started and will NEVER be in league with blues and jazz, but instead if it continue on the same course--an where else can it go?? will continue to be about producin mutant toxic novelty trash such as 50 cent and eminem, and will never be about anything positive an constructive. That's just my opinion tho.
  4. What's your nominee for song of the year? I'd say Float On by Modest mouse--excellent tune that always makes me feel good. What do you say?
  5. Madness. Aight- 1--Mick helped these boys get their break 2--Grammy in '89 for best hard rock song 3--Quick, besides these guys, name another all black hardcore rock band!!! :guitar:
  6. What you think, edna, maybe Daniel went to GET a band for real? Or maybe sunspots crashed all the computers in Nova scotia? Or, I know, his momma said, Daniel, get your butt down here an clean these catboxes an maybe they got like 50 cats or something!
  7. 1. Started by LA high school classmates 2 Added Jane's addiction guitarist 3. Often naked and in rehab
  8. Black Crowes of course, I was just messin with you sammy :: Uh huh, yeah Ok, lemme get a band.
  9. Thats what I get for googlin so much sammy-there is actually a S.african band named Georgia that consists of two brothers that debuted their album in 1990. Isn't that wild as hell though? Ok gotta crack my brain some more.
  10. Born to Run-the Boss Born to Run-Frankie Goes to Hollywood
  11. I ain't waitin for sammy cause I know I'm right-- Ok- 1. Band from canada with Arkansas drummer 2. Band worked with Dylan and scorcese 3. Band one of 4 rock bands on cover of Time
  12. Peaches, excellent words about Stevie (and look at my signature!) Well, I'm only 25 but my Uncle Leon, who educated me about music and continues to this day, is like a Stevie Wonder expert. He said a lot of people overlook Music of my Mind when they talk about his great albums--on it he played almost every instrument, and Unc Lee always says this is his most 'soulful' record--Superwoman, which is on there, is one my alltime faves by him, and is one of those songs that'll just about melt your heart, and I Love Everything About You is all that too. (Hey I know why don't we all chip in an get sweet peaches a Stevie box set for Xmas! )
  13. If you all need a cute funny mascot, I'm your boy ::
  14. windy "my man"! :: you related to that Berra dude?
  15. Hey sorry you guys, got a little carried away. I'm really not an ignorant ass,cyberdemon, and I actually think you're pretty funny (though I wish you wouldn't have brought my race into it). And xxx you have the right to your opinion, and this surely isn't life or death anyway. So be it though, but I'm really honestly sorry.
  16. Oh shoot. Who called in teh ghey squad to save John Lennon? Bah, your fugly mug isn't even deign enough to be fotochopped Sorry I speak English, don't recognize your sorry-ass language fool. Bye and have a nice day! ::
  17. I'll tell it like it is, XXX. You're a mf'in [bleep] (use your limited imagination)
  18. I know I thanked some people for the welcome but not everybody. Whether you know it or not, y'all are pretty . Some other sites like this are stupid and trivial and downright mean :: Anyhow, what I'm tryin to say is this site is really great. Yeah, chimpie approves!
  19. I think what it comes down to is that music, like every other medium, has become stupidly commercialized, and that meaning and depth are lost when it's all about money.
  20. You must be still celebratin though, dude! (you're a guy, right? yeah, evan, cool.) I mean totally impressive--eight in a row in one postseason (includin 4 in a row to the hated steinies, whoa!) is that a record do ya know? Whatever, major props, and drink a glass of bubbly for me!
  21. Thanks for the tip, jr!, my man! (you're a guy, right? yeah, dave, cool--you never know these days. : Guess I should kinda maybe, you know, click on the profile before I change a person's gender, huh what do you think? (But, between you and me, jr, and I don't wanna, you know, offend you, but don't you think your girl is kinda frightening--she looks just like Keith Richard! )
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