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Thanks guys, it kind of is, you know? :content:

When we were going through some pictures we took this summer, and saw the t shirt Bluesy had on I knew if were were going to post a picture at all that was it. ('course y'all do remember the disticnt country turn my music tastes go in :D )

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Haha, didn't know that Santa was this old hippie-type that spends his summers on the beach in San Diego, didja? But keep it under wraps please, we are living in sin, and my greatest fear is that Mrs Claus is gonna send some of those hateful little guys down here to take me out. She's a real beeyotch .... :D

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This is me if I were a zombie.

That's the train station at Sydney airport at 8 a.m. At this point I have been awake for nearly 24 hours, having stayed out all night and not slept a wink owing to the fact that we had to catch a 4 am train to get the Melbourne airport and therefore decided to live it up till it was time to go. Like a stupid person the only sustenance I've had in the past 12 hours is a gin and tonic and 2 hot chocolates. No caffeine. How I was upright is beyond me.

It's not the most flattering picture so why I'm sharing it is probably more stupidity on my part. I think it's because I like that I'm blurry and unrecognisable.

Appropriate filename, hey?

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Have you gained a pound or so?

And can we just call the file Radhika ज़ोंबी?

I have, actually! blame the ever-present sweet things! I hope it makes a positive difference :D

zo.. bee... oh, there's a dot... ZOMBIE! YES! that looks good :D

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