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That's Great Ron,

It's nice to see the love of music passed down from one generation to the next.

Is that a Hammond B3 organ ?


I'm lame on organ recognition, but I do know that the last time I was in the states at Jim's house, he just had an electronic keyboard. So, he and the band have moved up.

It is a nice pic that my daughter-in-law took. I haven't seen these kids in 2 and a half years, so they look so big to me. I love how the shot defines them. Calvin is quiet and introspective, while Madilyn is vivacious and would make a great band front. My son is a good dad.

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Aren't grandkids wonderful??

Oh yeah! In many aspects, grandkids are better than kids. For one thing, when your grandchildren rebel against their parents - and of course they will - that will put them back on your side! Also, just watching your grandchildren interacting in the same world you were a kid in, affords an intimacy to the reality of vast ages continuity. And of course there is always the George Bailey factor; if you had never existed, neither would they.

I recall when Calvin was 7 years old and my mother came to Dayton for a week from California. I explained that as I was Calvin's grandfather, this woman (who he had never met before) was his father's grandmother! He scrinched up his brow and I could just see his mind computing that information. Then his eyes lit up, he looked at my mother and said, "Wow!" I told him that he was special because not many people ever get to talk with one of their great-grandparents.

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