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Appreciate the fact you took the time to flip the image in editing so that the name of the camera is readable. Don't know how many similar poses I have seen where that simple task is omitted.

I know. 15 years of printing (back in the dark ages when printing was done from film & negs) brought that to my attention as well. :D

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So, my mom is doing Christmas cards this year for friends back home and most of them are not internetally connectimicated... so she wants to do something where I can just add a photo as my greeting (because some haven't seen me in years, and because I aint gonna write to them all y'hear!)

This one is kinda festive, no? There is a deer on my jumper which could kinda be a reindeer...


Also, this is what I look like now for those who have been here as long as I have, but who haven't seen or heard anything from me in a while!

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