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Since the photo thread is getting rather long, I thought it would be a good idea to start a new one - with a twist. But this isn't just a place for Marc, Peachy and I to brag. Please post pictures of yourselves as babies, too! ;)

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Thanks, everyone. He's definitely a keeper! ::

Marc: he actually sleeps pretty well at night, once I finally get him to sleep - therein lies the rub with this kid! Once he's down he wakes up to eat about halfway through. He's a good baby :)

Rachel: he has a Grateful Dead and a Guns N Roses onesie, too. I found two of them on ebay, but I'm tempted to get iron on transfers and make my own! In the meantime, we'll have to get pictures of him in them to post. . .

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This one should be called the tender thread... they are so lovely...!!!! I can smell their little heads from my computer´s desk... They´re so innocent and beautifull... and they look so happy!!!

I have had seven nephews in the last eight years and another one on her/his way... they love you so much and you just don´t know why... :laughing:

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