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Worst band ever live.


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I'm a big Evanescence fan on the quiet. "My Immortal" is so haunting that it makes me teary. It's a great song.

"Bring Me To Life" has the same effect on me. Amy's beautiful vocals on the track really bring out something in me which I didn't know was there.

Recently there was a concert on a terrestrial channel featuring, amongst other artists, Evanescence. I was looking forward to it. They'd play a few songs, there'd be a bit of conversational interplay, and whatever else.

I was looking forward to watching the concert live. After listening to the tracks for this time, I knew it wouldn't disappoint.

Or would it? Amy was screeching all over the place on My Immortal, hardly able to hold a note. Bring Me To Life, and a couple of new tracks off Fallen. I kept watching, hoping it would get better. But it didn't.

I'm so glad that I have my copies of these tracks as they are. At least I can use them to cloud my view of their live performances.

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Kiss. These guys are antiques. They have one song that I can actually BARE listening too without bashing my head on a brick. Also, during the Aerosmith/KISS tour. Gene spit blood on my friends 200 dollar leather jacket. He was ready to jump up on stage and make him even uglier.

As a fan who's been fortunate enough to see KISS 6 times, dating from 1977 up until their Farewell tour, are you blind? They put on the Greatest Show On Earth.

As Paul Stanley says, "Who wants to pay to see a bunch of guys standing on stage playing their guitars staring at their shoes?"

C'mon CD, you were kidding, right?

Oh, and as far as the worst band live, Carole's gonna have a bird, but hands down the Stones are the worst. Richards?Jagger ...ahem...'sing' in harmonies unknown to man, and they'rejust loose and sloppy.

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What's the difference between someone's opinion and someone's truth. Opinions are based on truth. Just Kidding, I remember last time me and XXX got into a huge argument about that. I'm curious to see your pic, jr.

I don't have a pic. You know a vampire's image can't be captured.

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The Stones f***in' rule, man!!! You must have had a baaaad batch of crack when you saw them.

:rockon: :rockon: :rockon: :rockon: :rockon:

:afro: :afro: :afro: :afro:

I've never smoked crack. Nor have I ever done cocaine ,heroin, etc. I did, however, try pot when I was about 14 or so, maybe 3-4 times. Worst experience of my life.

Besides, if you're going to see a concert, why would you want to alter your state of mind, anyway?

And while the Stones are, indeed, an institution, I stand by my statement. They're horrible live. I've seen them twice, and dozens of times on tv, and they just sound awful live.

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I don't see how these cats could be bad in concert.

"Wow, man, they sound just like the record!"

I saw footage of them performing live in (I think it was) Tennessee. The record had started to skip during their show, & Rob pretended to be singing it still, while bending up & down to go along with the annoying skipped track.

I did, however, try pot when I was about 14 or so, maybe 3-4 times. Worst experience of my life.

Oh how my mind is bending in mysterious ways. =:P

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