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  1. Another new one - probably will end up on my album.. v1) Big steel princess, she slices deep within The scars don't speak sweet pleasure, merely sin I wonder does she ever feel the same? Crying never worked its tricks on you Tears, sweat and blood can wash pain away too I want to suck your play into my game br) It's seeming I'm bleeding, I'm crying, I'm screaming Tears pouring, blood seeping, was I ever dreaming? ch) I can dream of you, it brings it all back to me The way I was before I met destiny This was my dream when you turned my life around here But if you're not here,
  2. I'm at the library at the moment unable to post it - and with a mother of a sore arm from having slept on it all last night while it was in an odd position, I will soon be going back to my house and making sure that I get it to you.. It'll be about 1 hour, still, but it definitely will/will not be worth it. See y'all Matt
  3. Bobo

    New Song

    Grins. Thank you. I'm not going to start recording the album until I've got the twelve songs for it - currently I have five, (I'm thinking this is going to be the fifth) and am thinking on working on more over the next week. It might be ready in two months time if I get my act together. Thank you for your comments, earth-angel. Matt
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    New Song

    I should really come back here and say hi. Well, this is near enough my way of doing so. I've gotten a couple of new songs, this is the one I wrote in a 45 minute spell last night - it's definitely going on my new album, so long as I can tweak the song to make it what it needs to be before it can be recorded. Here goes - structure and all. v1) A searing kiss 'twixt me and you A knife for one, a blade for two Demeaning sickly treason fades away The twisting knife burns deep inside Sweet bleeding cannot be denied My dearest arrows evanesce to grey pre-chorus) But who needs to kno
  5. I certainly would have no idea whatsoever where he has gone. Ba-ba-da-ba. Where can I start explaining the reasons behind my absence? Moderatorship of a separate forum which desperately needs to change servers, unequivocal excitement at going to see The Tubes on tour, expansion of both my waistline and my Christmas-related CD collection.. and a task-master and a half in sweet Kina. There are others, but I can easily stick around for as long as you guys get sick of me, no sweat. Matt
  6. Why just quit at LSN? Let's throw in "(I Saw Santa) Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree", "Melekalikimaka", "Merry Christmas Baby", "Santa's Got An Airplane" and the frighteningly accurate four-part version of "We Three Kings". Rawk on!
  7. The most amusing, and perhaps the most peculiar thing of all, is that I could probably, at the very time I was writing the first message, preempt (is that really how you spell it? I'm as shocked as anyone!) any and all questions which were going to be thrust my way given any response I made. I hope you don't mind that my reply will probably seem as equally hazy as ignorant, given the fact that this was up to thirteen years ago. Thirteen years between which I have been five years old and eighteen years old, the two ages I've grown up in rather scarier ways than at the time I ever though
  8. I'm by no means implying life was tough. Confusing as heck for a four-year-old unaware of his surroundings, I'll accept, but that just happens to be the way things were. You are, as ever, astutely accurate, though. That was one of my most cherished memories and, as far as I know, being sorry about life being like that is apologizing for not only things which have happened already, but things that scare the living daylights out of anyone who dares. As ever. Matt
  9. Hmm. Too young? No. Too much love? Yes. At four years old (and about six inches tall, at that) one of the few things I remember about my time in my previous house (which, as you guys know, I moved out of two weeks after my fifth birthday) was a friend who stood by me every time I was in trouble, and who, every day I came back from pre-school, always met me and talked to me. What I don't remember (because my memory doesn't quite stretch back quite as far) is for how long this had been occurring. I would put an estimate on the majority of the two years which I went to pre-school, that the
  10. This is stokin' me somethin' exquisite. Of course, I'd bags a slot at five in the morning - the time of the day when no music sounds quite the way it sounds at six in the evening, it's gotta be said. I just gotta work on a sustainable working relationship with our friend the Song-ghoti, though.. I don't think he would put up with a personally-mixed a cappella hash of Good Vibrations every thirty minutes, beautiful though it is.. That said, I could totally jinx the network with loads of crappy music and signal the end of music as we know it.. This is sounding so cool already..! *man
  11. Back when I was playing the piano on a regular basis and when my brain was working in gear enough to think of sentences ten words at a time, or, for that matter, I'm copying something which is being dictated to me, I used to be able to average around 100 WPM for twenty minutes or more. I once set myself a task to write a 25,000 word essay which I completed in just under 29 minutes. That said, with my new computer, comes a new, singlehanded keyboard, which I am not so good at using. These 100+ figures are from using my two-handed keyboard. I now have a slightly more tricky to use one-handed
  12. Hopes And Fears. Still riding the charts over here after so many weeks. Could write a thesis on it. Released, I think, two singles from it, though I could be entirely wrong and it be three, but the two I'm aware of were Everybody's Changing, and the one I bought, Bedshaped. Still looking for the other one. I do really like his voice, and the difference between Chaplin and everyone else, Healy included, is that he can pull it off live as well. So I was initially intrigued because they sounded like a great band, especially for their first CD. (Heck, we gotta remember that amongst bands who
  13. It's funny that the original poster to this thread came up with The Beach Boys as an example for those things that you hear during the songs which aren't part of the music. On the "Tracks" part of website cabinessence, there is a (not quite exhaustive) list of the noises which you can hear on Beach Boys album tracks). There is actually quite a lot of talking left on The Beach Boys' Capitol releases, and especially noticeable lots of talking on "Love You", their 1976 release, including a spontaneous profanity at the back end of "Honkin' Down The Highway" and a whole bunch of talking throu
  14. It's funny you should mention this song. You know who does a version of it on his solo album? Mike Love. Of the Beach Boys. It's enough to make me go insane, having heard it..! I don't wish it upon anyone, even as a huge fan.. Matt
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