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  1. Yeah it is good. Well they have two cds the first one is named The Fallout and then their second cd is named Elocation.
  2. Thanks MuzikTyme, now i fell better about my name. I also just recently realized that my name which is Amanda Lynn, could be said as a mandelin. (I didnt spell that right, sorry) Yeah I thought that was pretty cool myself. I dont think that they should do a remake of it, in my opinion it is fine as it is...I think i might cry if they redid it and totally ruined it. but i am just stupid like that, haha.
  3. yeah good thinking Stoned_Fish.
  4. Awesome, i would love to be named after Scarlett, but unfortunately i was named after a boston song instead *cries* "Amanda".
  5. YAY YEAH HE IS SOOOOOOOO COOOL :guitar: <<<<------------where is the body...weird
  6. Awesome, you should get their cd, it is called Soma Holiday. You will not be disappointed they are great.
  7. hehe...I LOVE SOUTH PARK..
  8. Haha, yeah! GET ME DOWN FROM HEUAR!!!!
  9. I love this movie. It is awesome, and trippy and cool. PINK FLOYD ROCK TOO
  10. I love GOne With the Wind i think it is a great movie i love it. What is everyones opinion on it?
  11. All i wanted to say here is that i love when Cartman off of South Park redid this song "Sailing Away" I loved it, It cracked me up!!!
  12. Their new material really disappoints me though. I just heard the song "Talk Shows On Mute"
  13. Haha, I believe it Muziktyme...That was funny.
  14. Yeah, He really is talented. He gives a great live performance too. I loved it!
  15. Wow this is a hard topic to search for, i will have to continue my search at home school computers block everything.
  16. I love this song and i love the video. I do know that when they were casting the parts for the dancer they picked a stay at home house mom over professional dancers and strippers and things. I am going to go get info. on it now though.
  17. Yeah i think it is original. I am getting sick of it too a little bit, I mean it is an ok song but everything today is just too overrated and that makes me annoyed.
  18. Come on Eileen is awesome haha. Lets see...ummm. "Sex and Candy" was good.
  19. yeah i dont think so either i think he is going to wait until he gets more known
  20. well there was another person who posted on here but it seems he deleted it i changed my name though!
  21. Kurt was great, and i loved him and his talent. He is missed and will remain missed forever. Kudos To You Kurt!!!
  22. I dont think he has signed with a MAJOR record label yet. I think so also, i definetly see and hear some SRV in there.
  23. dA_mAnDa


    i thought it was cold hard bitch but i was confused
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