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Hi Mat!!! :: My name is Carole. Guess what? I have my grandson visiting me and his name is Matt too. He is also 6. How bout that? He lives in Florida, where it doesn't snow. I live in the center of the United States, and it snows here, so he has been having fun. What else do you like to do? I'll bet you guys like the same things. He likes dinosaurs. When I get home from work I will have him post you a hello ok? You know what else? His uncle is from Liverpool. You know where that is? Bet you do. You look tomorrow for a post from the American Matt, ok? Have fun kiddo. I think you've made lots of new friends. ::

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You are all too kind - except for the suggestion that I get snowballed.

Mathew will reply I am sure, but given the limited concentration span of a 6 year old, his reply may be general. Please do not take offence.

JR, your dinosaurs will all be identified and most probably classified, although discrepancies between periods and location may confuse.

EA, I will print off your drawing if I can, and we'll see what happens.

Once again, thank you all.


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Hi mat. my name is matt too. granny says you are sleeping now. we looked on the map and you live on the other side of the same ocean i live by. i live in florida by the beach. it doesn't snow there. what do you play. i like to play dinosars and trucks and build stuff. my uncle lives where you do. goodnight. i have to go to bed. matt :sleepy:

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Hello Mat. My name is Marc and I live in a strange land called Los Angeles. It's an enchanted place. Ask your daddy, he has been here. One day, if you come to America and visit Los Angeles, you should go to the La Brea Tar Pits. There are lots of dinosaur bones to be found there.


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Hi folks,

Mathew asked me to type ths, as he is about 0.5wpm presently.

He was gobsmacked at the response, and has had a look on his globe to see where you all live. He is particularly interested in how Matthew can come from Liverpool and live in America.

Our snow has gone now, and rest assured he did throw lots of it at me. Thanks.

He is at 'big school' now, and his favorite subject is maths, but his real passion at the moment is 'Spyro' on the Playstation.

As regards the dinosaurs, JR he looked at your picture. He didn't recognise the cartoon, but he did question what a Jurassic Stegasor was doing with what looks like a Cretacous Minmi or a Euocephalus. Excuse my spelling of names and time periods here.

He has heard of the La Brea Tar Pits, and would love to see the prehistoric mammals in particular. He loves sabretooth cats, direwolves, cave bears, mastadons and the like, and wants to go there someday.

He has also heard about major sites in Montana, particularly the one where Sue the T Rex was found, and the big group of Celophisis.

He has a couple of fossil amonites but no trilobites as yet. His pride and joy however is a Megladon tooth we found for him on ebay.

Once more, I apologise for the spellings. And now a quick word from the boy himself:

thankyou for writng to me from all over the worldlove mathew.


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