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Hi Mathew!!!!

I never saw this thread before - it is the cutest thing ever! My name is Gisela. It's a very unusual name so people spell it wrong all the time. You can ask your Daddy how to say it (Geez-ill-ah). I come from Ireland which is not too far away from where you live. It only takes an hour on a plane.

You must be 7 years old by now, are you? When is your birthday? I teach dancing and drama to boys and girls who are your age and they love to talk about their birthdays! My boyfriend really loves dinosaurs like you and he knows lots about them. Do you still like dinosuars? Do you have any new interests since the last time you were here?

That's alot of questions! You don't have to answer them all but you can ask us any questions you like about the different places we come from.

Thank you for coming to visit again. It's lovely to meet you! :)

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