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You are correct Farin!

[smaller] from classicbands.com[/smaller]

The BBC in England refuses to play The Coasters' stateside hit, Charlie Brown because of its reference to "throwin' spitballs". Two weeks later, they give in to public demand and play the song.

The BBC bans the Beatles' A Day In The Life from its airwaves, claiming it contained explicit drug references.


[smaller]And from various sources including Songfacts[/smaller]

Re: Monster Mash

The BBC had banned the record from airplay in 1962 on the grounds that the song was "too morbid".

In the UK this song was felt to be offensive and was banned from the airwaves until 1973. It was re-released in 1973 and the song rose to #3 in the charts in the UK. By this time Boris Pickett was a 32-year-old part time New York cab driver

Your turn now.

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