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Good evening!! :)

I have no idea... :P I just turned the I have to think... computer on and it´s over 10,30 and I´m not very fresh right now :stars:

I have ti try and think :laughing:

They´re all songs/album everybody should have ? :grin:


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Sway and Won´t Get were released in 1971... but Song Remains is from 1973... :P

They were known cause they were played live before they were released? I know it´s the case with "Won´t Get Fooled Again"...

I´ll have a brownie and see if I can find out... :)

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They were originally instrumental? I just read that "The Song Remains..." was an instrumental.

"Won´t Get Fooled" was the last performance by Keith Moon.

Maybe John Bonham died after playing in "The Song remains..."? :shades:

Ha, i need a brownie :doh: ;)

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