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Favorite Movie Soundtracks!

Guns N Zeppelin

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I just got done watching Singles(I haven't seen it in a while)

what a great movie.

I also love the AiC performance :thumbsup:

That has one of my favorite soundtracks of all time, mainly 'cuz I love grunge, and no soundtrack is grungier than Singles ::.

Basically any Cameron Crowe film has a great soundtrack attached to it(even 'Vanilla Sky' which was kind of a suckfest of a movie, but the soundtrack was still pretty good)

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A couple of days ago, I saw this old Italian slasher film directed by Joe D'Amato, but the best part about it was the score: It was done by Goblin. Besides Ennio Morricone, Goblin pretty much scored half of those ol skool trash films.


Goblin RULZ :rockon:

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"Midnight Cowboy" -John Barry. Song by Harry Nilsson & Elephant´s Memory Band.

"The Graduate"- Dave Grusin. Songs by Simon & Garf.

"Paris brûle-t´il?"- Maurice Jarre- Songs by Mireille Mathieu.

"Grease"- Travolta, Newton-John, Sha-na-na, arrangements by Barry Gibb and Frank Valli (am I right?)

"Gimme Shelter" would be cheating?

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Bbbb-ZUMP ::

I have to get Joe Hisaishi's score for Oneamis No Tsubasa :headphones: I was watching that movie and realized how cool the underscore was. He definitely put the feeling of the space-race with the music alone. I bet I could be watching old Sputnik or Yuri Gagarin footage and that muzak would fit perfectly with the images! :headphones:

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The worst part about some soundtracks is that the music is only in the film and not on the CD/LP. Like I went out and bought the soundtrack to Midnight Express thinking I'd get the entire score, but all I got was the Moroder compositions leaving out all the crazy Quran chants with machine gun fire they played on the radio out of the release. So now I'm all trying to find music that sounds like Quran chanting with machine gun fire in the background. The closest I've gotten is "Funkhadafi" by Front 242. I'm prolly gonna ask someone to record the music straight from the DVD and burn it onto a CD for me. That'll also go for the LucasArts ending theme song for Jo-Jo's Bizarre Adventure (I'm still looking for that song!).

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