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  1. procol harum's whiter shade of pale was based not on air on G but on bach's "sleepers awake."
  2. Ragnus


    saw the movie a year ago. it was a comic romp and better than any hollywood fare i've seen lately. though the paris it seemed to portray was too sanitized, without any non-caucasian characters, a terrible oversight that.
  3. yes, he does, and cheney looks a lot like that guy from mr. holland's opus, richard dreyfuss
  4. 1. singles 2. almost famous 3. jesus christ superstar (i dunno if this counts) ::
  5. how about trainspotting and easy rider? heard that dennis hopper was stoned most of the time when he directed this easy rider. ::
  6. no, it didn't have any clapton character, only brian jones.
  7. . i saw this movie on vhs once, forgot the title (tho this wasn't the one with billy zane in it that was shown on hbo). the actor who portrayed hendrix looked a lot like him. the movie was probably made in the mid-1990s.
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