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  1. ::In France a very popular band 'Matmatah' singing in many languages particularly in french and english and even in briton ('breton') and english. http://www.brigadesdurock.com/brigade/sites/fo/redir.php?c=1&g=1&m=1&u=1066&l=fr_FR&k=1ZNChRs8tLroBnLUQv7SosJqiLV11
  2. auf der maur, phoenix, the divine comedy, dominique A, miss kittin, 20-22s... for the most known!! http://www.brigadesdurock.com/brigade/sites/fo/redir.php?c=1&g=1&m=1&u=1066&l=fr_FR&k=1ZNChRs8tLroBnLUQv7SosJqiLV11
  3. two versions of this website are available (english and french). this movement (les brigades du rock) has been created as an answer to commercial purposes of the majors. Is there any similar group in the anglo saxon countries, or is it typically french to sell 'alternative' music with dissident content??? http://www.brigadesdurock.com/brigade/sites/fo/redir.php?c=1&g=1&m=1&u=1066&l=fr_FR&k=1ZNChRs8tLroBnLUQv7SosJqiLV11
  4. if somebody here has the answer: I would like to know in which future movie Interpol plays for. I just know it's an american movie... Thanks
  5. if you don't know interpol, it's time to visit this website , especially the tracklisting and the videos (a translated version is available) http://www.interpol-antics.com/interpol/sites/fo/redir.php?c=1&g=1&m=1&u=902&l=fr_FR&k=1N4MBgMC0pYNKqpALP7CiDQcFbC2J0 Interpol
  6. miss kittin may be in your town this summer, she does a worldwide tour: http://www.icom-album.com/kittin/sites/fo/redir.php?c=1&g=1&m=1&u=636&l=fr_FR&k=1kGIx4bac9utKvDFVs8eSMCkHcZys5 click on actualités then miss kittin à l'etranger. :guitar:
  7. what is for you the best french artist? I mean in music Then you can listen to this, thanks to the tracklisting, and tell me if it's what you expected when you think about French music. http://www.icom-album.com/kittin/sites/fo/redir.php?c=1&g=1&m=1&u=636&l=fr_FR&k=1kGIx4bac9utKvDFVs8eSMCkHcZys5
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