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Best Drummers Ever


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Yes he was. I saw him at Pasadena City College in 1985 and he and his band were amazing. Heard he had a bit of an ego though. I guess a lot of the greats do.

Uhmm, yeah he actually had a real bad temper and he was quite the perfectionist (not a good combo), If I remember right, he once kicked a band member of the tour bus between venues because of his poor performance. :: Must have been pretty bad yeah?!

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No one has done more for drummers and music listeners than Keith Moon.

He paved the way for all the drummers since then. After all before The Who, had anyone heard of a drum solo? He is to drumming what Clapton and Hendrix are to guitar playing.

Those are the facts that I've seen in my years in the music industry, feel free to disbute or disagree with me on this subject, I'm certainly not always right and I welcome opinions from all of you who didn't grow up in the time

:drummer: :rockon:

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Two of my personal favorites are Keith Moon and Pierre Van Der Linden. Keith Moon seemed to have more energy than Pierre Van Der Linden, but they were both excellent drummers. I also like Ringo Starr and Nick Mason. They definately aren't the best, but they were simple yet groovy. Like everytime you heard a fill by them, you felt chills because it was just so cool sounding.

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My personal favorite is Will Calhoun .

He's really good at funky, syncopated beats.

Here is a pretty good solo he did live. The beginning is kinda annoying though, with the drum machine. It's one of their more "experimental" songs.

Still, the best drum solo I've ever heard was by some unknown jazz musician. It was at a small club, I was about 10 feet from the stage. I rarely get excited about drums, but this gave me chills.

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Many great drummers in Bands have been mentioned, but session man HAL BLAINE has probably played on more Hit records than just about all of those combined. Fellow Musicians and Record Producers must hold him in very high regard.


ALSO he was one of the first 5 inductees to the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame's "SIDEMEN" when that category was introduced in 2000. :)

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April Wine's Jerry Mercer, he is 66 and had a 10 minute drum solo friday night, he was unbelievable. He definetly deserves to be up there. I'm sure anyone who has seen April Wine live ill agree. If hes that good at 66, he must have been something at 30.

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