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  1. beatleant

    A Day in the Life

    You're talking about the version on the Anthology. If not mistaken, it's Paul and the session players blabbing about the recording..... I think.
  2. beatleant

    Essential Queen songs

    - Doing All Right - Keep Yourself Alive - Liar - Some Day One Day - Misfire - She Makes Me (Stormtrooper In Stiletos) - Long Away - Get Down, Make Love - Who Needs You - Sleeping On The Sidewalk Ant :guitar:
  3. beatleant

    Things You Hear ...

    Get your cans (headphones), put on 'Dark Side of the Moon', go to very last track (Eclipse) and fast forward near the end (heartbeeps and shortly after the spoken words, "There is no dark side..."). NOW, CRANK IT UP and you'll hear an audio seepage of an instrumental that is NOT by Pink Floyd!! A long time ago, I happened to hear it but couldn't place what the tune was. I knew it was an orchestra and really sounded familiar. Just to get to the point, it's the Beatles' rendition of "Ticket to Ride" by ? IMO, it was a mistake and probably picked up from another studio (obviously, the walls aren't so soundproof). It could of been picked up in the control booth, (accidently) sent out by audio talkback in studio and picked up by mics. Someone had this theory that PF did it intentionally as a homage to (Beatles) - hence, Abbey Road (same studio), etc. IMO, I don't agree 'cause why that tune?? You can also hear seepage in Van Halen's "Eruption," especially at the end. Ant
  4. beatleant

    BOTM: Band of the Moment

    Coheed and Cambria - I'm back and forth with both releases.
  5. beatleant

    Favorite Debut Albums

    For the last month or so, I've been playing the 'Ramones' and it's still one of the best debuts. Ant
  6. beatleant

    Van Halen

  7. beatleant

    DSOTM Cover Art

    Okay - sounds good to me
  8. beatleant

    Roxy Music Album

    I originally had that album cover in my one list Get A Good Look? (album covers) - A list by BeatleAnt but changed my mind after close inspection (of what you mentioned). I just happened to look at it again and must say I think we're both wrong. The one with the manly face doesn't have a protruding adam's apple and upon further inspection, she has nice curves ::
  9. beatleant

    DSOTM Cover Art

    Storm Thorgerson submitted a bunch of suggestions regarding the cover. There is nothing significant about the cover (to the 'concept' album itself) other than relating to Pink Floyd's light shows in their concerts. I think it was Richard Wright who wanted a 'simple' cover. I'm pretty sure Roger Waters helped design the inner sleeve. Ant
  10. beatleant

    The Butterfly Effect

    I was already ahead of ya... that's why I didn't bother to reply again. Besides, it would of made myself more intellectual and I just wanna be known here as a normal, everyday guy who happens to be darn sexy. * insert emoticon here of myself at nude beach carrying a couple of coffees and a dozen donuts... *
  11. beatleant

    For the Old-Timers Here

    For the Flying Burrito Brothers, you probably had "Gilded Palace Of Sin" which has 'Christine's Tune'. For Gram Parsons, "Grievous Angel" which contains 'Return Of The Grievous Angel'. You might have had his self-titled album simply called "GP". Ant
  12. beatleant

    Your first album

    Gotta love these music questions The first record I actually bought with my own coin was probably The Stampeders 'Oh My Lady' on 45 (single). I can't recall my first LP for I had a couple hundred or so by the time I was 16. It could of been Three Dog Night's "Cyan" but it wasn't released until 1974 and I'm sure I've bought a couple or so albums in '73. I do know my first 8-track was KISS's "Hotter Than Hell."
  13. beatleant

    What if The Beatles didn't break up?

    I just have to say that was one of the funniest pieces I've read regarding the Beatles - save the hiliarious novel, "Paperback Writer" by Mark Shipper.
  14. beatleant

    Music to scare (or turn off) your date

    LMAO!! Now THAT was funny. ... depends on the girl...
  15. beatleant

    The Butterfly Effect

    I'm just bumping this up so I can reply later... don't have time right now but to give you an idea...... Scott is right. :guitar: