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  1. Jugband_Blues

    Top 10 Greatest Movie Anti-Heroes

    i love love love love love arrested development. i work at a video store that has all 3 seasons and i'd find myself getting too imersed in the show and not doing any work. oh well, there's aways money in the banana stand .
  2. Jugband_Blues

    Top 10 Greatest Movie Anti-Heroes

    Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid! as demonized as Bolivian police may have been, they were still the bank robbers. (p.s. love your signature, tenacious peaches)
  3. Jugband_Blues

    Unlikely Zep Favorites ??

    "Over the Hills and Far Away" "Ramble On" "Your Time is Gonna Come" how many people here have likely zeppelin songs among their favorites from the band? (i'm thinking this means "Kashmir", "Stairway", "Black Dog", & probably 5 or 6 others every middle schooler has heard). i think half the fun of zeppelin is most people's favorite songs are the ones you don't hear all over the place.
  4. Jugband_Blues

    Songs About Breaking Up

    edna, i've been in the breeze for a while, but i always knew i'd come back. i left a kid who cared too much about the velvet underground and who wouldn't listen to anything after 1982--and have now come back chock full of incredible 90's albums and the knowledge that you can never care too much about the velvet underground.
  5. Jugband_Blues

    Songs About Breaking Up

    I wanted to start a thread listing songs that are not neccessarily "break-up" songs, but more songs about people breaking up. I find these can sometimes be touching, but more often find greatness in their irony or humor. For example, "I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You" by the Ramones, which, simply enough, goes: "I don't wanna walk around with you I don't wanna walk around with you I don't wanna walk around with you So why you wanna walk around with me? I don't wanna walk around with you I don't wanna walk around with you" Other exapmles includue "Yeah! Oh, Yeah!" by the Magnetic Fields, and the rock standard "Hey Joe."
  6. Pavement's cover of "No More Kings" is better than the Schoolhouse Rock original, (check 'em both on seeqpod.com).
  7. Jugband_Blues

    Favorite Modest Mouse Album

    i've been really into Modest Mouse recently since i'm going to see them in a couple weeks and i was just wondering what other people's favorite stuff of theirs was. thanks!
  8. Jugband_Blues

    Lux Aeterna - Clint Mansell

    anyone know the name of the song in this video ? thanks.
  9. what's the song in that aol video commercial? it sounds like they're singing, "everybody's got what the want--to be free" (?). sorry if someone asked this before, but i couldn't find it. thanks.
  10. Jugband_Blues

    Neil Young Questions

    yah, i've got those live on a couple things...i just didn't know if they were ever done on a studio album as opposed to live. i guess not though.
  11. Jugband_Blues

    Songs with Literary References

    "Super Agent X-9" is the title of a Modest Mouse song and a chapter in Kurt Vonnegut's "Cat's Cradle"...I'm not really sure how strong the connection is because I just started the novel.
  12. Jugband_Blues

    Neil Young Questions

    just a couple things i was wondering; is there a live neil young album containing "Down By The River" or "Cowgirl In The Sand"? also, can such concert favorites as "Hey Hey, My My", "Powderfinger", "Sedan Delivery" and "Pocahontas" be found on any studio album? thanks...
  13. Jugband_Blues

    Pirates of the Caribbean

    totally agree with you shawna...i think it was very over the top, and a little too long considering Jack Sparrow wasn't in every scene.
  14. Jugband_Blues

    Talk about music being made this decade

    everybody should listen to the Shins! great music. "Oh, Inverted World" came out in 2001 and "Chutes Too Narrow" in 2003...if you only get one, choose the latter, though they're both great.
  15. Jugband_Blues

    Greatest Bass Players?

    John Entwistle. i like Chris Squire (of Yes) too...